Belting verdict angers children’s groups

Sheriff’s decision comes after boy tells court ‘it was my fault’ By Stephen Stewart THE debate over the use of corporal punishment was re-ignited yesterday following a sheriff’s ruling that a man who hit a 13-year-old child with a leather belt was using “reasonable chastisement”. Children’s charities and human rights groups called for more changes […]

Smacking doesn’t work, parents told

By Gaby Hinsliff and Tracy McVeigh The debate about whether or not to smack children took a new twist last night when a government-backed body insisted that violence achieves nothing and parents should be taught how to restrain themselves in order to reduce the risk of abuse. Reigniting controversy on whether recommendations about family life […]

Man is jailed for spanking stepsons

By Simon De Bruxelles A MAN who smacked his stepsons on their bare backsides for not tidying their bedroom has been jailed. The 28-year-old stepfather ordered the boys, aged six and seven, to pull down their trousers and underpants and gave them a “severe beating which did not amount to lawful chastisement or punishment,” magistrates […]

I don’t regret smacking my children, Blunkett says

By Joe Murphy Political Editor DAVID BLUNKETT, the Education Secretary, yesterday admitted that he had smacked his children when they were naughty. The minister confirmed that he resorted to corporal punishment with each of his three children and said that he had no regrets about it and that it had worked. Mr Blunkett spoke out […]

I was spanked says peer’s wife

Express Staff Reporter Click to enlarge SOMETIMES “a short, sharp beating is an excellent thing” for a child, the Countess of Dartmouth, better known as Lady Lewisham, said yesterday. She was speaking from experience, for her novelist mother, Barbara Cartland, believed in the value of “six of the best” in bringing up her family. And […]

Typist spanked by boss

‘A smack — or get the sack’ By Reg Scott THREE times, junior typist Linda Elliott was asked to fetch an office file. Three times, she forgot. So sixteen-year-old Linda’s exasperated boss offered her an unusual choice: be FIRED — or be SPANKED. Linda chose the spanking. And yesterday it cost the boss, forty-five-year-old company […]

‘A policeman knocked … and saved me’

UNITED KINGDOM Domestic CP – April 1954   Sunday Pictorial, London, 11 April 1954 Soapbox: I Confess ‘A policeman knocked … and saved me’ I WAS seventeen and maid in a house in Surbiton. My master was a retired major; his wife did nothing but play bridge, drink gin and make life uncomfortable for me. I […]

Just give ’em a damn good hiding

UNITED KINGDOM Domestic CP – October 1953 Corpun file 9845 at News Chronicle, London, 7 October 1953 Just give ’em a damn good hiding IF difficult youngsters were given a hiding at home there would be less juvenile delinquency, Mr. J.E. Hay said yesterday. Mr. Hay, Mayor of Brighton, was welcoming delegates to the conference […]

Hit Choirboys: Vicar fined £20

UNITED KINGDOM Illicit CP – September 1948   Corpun file 7224 Evening News, London, 28 September 1948 Hit Choirboys: Vicar fined £20 ‘Merely Horse-play,’ Court is Told “Evening News” Correspondent A VICAR who took down the trousers of two choir boys and smacked them pleaded guilty at Liverpool to-day to four summonses for assaulting the […]

Melissa I

1963 was a year I still remember. I turned ten in August. The Dallas Cowboys went on to a great season and I even saw one of the home games in November. And after Labor Day, my parents found a new babysitter named Melissa. With a very busy social schedule, they were often out two […]

Aunt Betsy IV

“Billy, though I’m glad to see you are not sick, I’m shocked at how you have reacted to this thermometer. It sometimes happens with Billy as well. Of course, when he really does have a fever, it’s not fair to punish him for such naughtiness and the same would hold true for you. But if […]

Aunt Betsy II

As for the spankings themselves, Tommy said she always spanked slowly and patiently, reinforcing the spanks with a lengthy series of questions and sharp verbal reminders using language normally reserved for younger children. Methodical and thorough, her sessions usually lasted twenty to thirty minutes including the post-spanking time lying over her knees until any real […]

Aunt Betsy III

“You see, Tommy, your troubles have more to do with your attitude than your teacher. And I have just the remedy for a boy who doesn’t know how to work hard enough. It’s just as well that Billy is here, especially since his mother and I see eye to eye on these matters. Young man, […]

Why Mikey Likes Eating At Home I

After two and a half hours of looking at clothes for the girls Mikey’s mother spent 15 minutes picking out some jeans and a pair of shirts for him. Throughout the arduous afternoon Sandy was reprimanding her son to “behave,” “stop fidgeting,” “grow up,” etc. The shopping was getting on Mikey’s nerves, and he in […]

Three types of caning

When I was a little girl, the discipline I dreaded most was a beating with the cane. My mother used a rattan cane and it never failed to leave a nasty sting. I would have red lines and raised welts decorating my bare bottom for the next two to three days, and the entire ordeal […]

Friends Reunited now, Catholic Church then

Just watched a news story about a massive meeting of Catholic Bishops for the purpose of addressing child abuse in the Catholic church. Now, of course, this is happening because the Church had an horrific record of hiding knowledge of abuse, and protecting the abusers, using every trick under the sun. Now compare this with […]

A taste of the leather

I grew up in Arkansas during the 1990s, and my mother’s approach to discipline was extremely conservative. She considered that spanking the children was woman’s work and she did it with such regularity which meant that almost every day, either me or my brothers and sisters (I have two of each) had sore behinds. When […]

Candy Store Owner Part 1

Spanking has been a fascination of mine ever since I can remember. I grew up in the late fifties and early sixties as the only child of a conservative, middle-class family. I was spanked frequently, and although I did not enjoy it at the time, my mind dwelt endlessly on it. In those days, discipline […]

Candy Store Owner Part 2

It couldn’t have been more than 2 minutes later when I heard mom yelling at my two cousins downstairs in the living room. I could hear the girls crying and pleading, but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I listened hard and soon heard the distinctive sound of mom’s hand slapping someone’s bottom. My […]

Candy Store Owner Part 3

None of us said much about what had happened, but both of the girls made a few cracks about it being my fault for having told. “We heard you crying upstairs when your mom paddled you, you big baby! I hope we get to watch later!” Mary said with a snotty tone in her voice. […]

Sylvia’s Mother II

I did not like to call round for Sylvia after what had happened. I felt guilty and embarrassed, though with typical self-centredness, on my behalf, not hers. But some days after the incident it was Sylvia who arrived at our back door. I suppose being bored with her own company, she had decided to put […]

Sylvia’s Mother VI

The holidays ended and Sylvia and I went back to school. Each weekday I caught the bus to the nearest town of Wenford where I went to the boy’s grammar school, and Sylvia cycled the three miles to her girls’ private school at Farleigh Manor, which was in the opposite direction. We saw less of […]

Long-term consequences

Your message of yesterday was buried deep in the ‘Bare Behinds’ thread. It is a beautifully written, heartfelt piece and to give it the prominence it deserves, I have copied it and started a new thread. Michael wrote: Long term consequences. June 4 2003, 11:14 PM Dominum – and maybe it was his school I […]

Matts Sister

I had been dating my boyfriend Matt for over a year. We didn’t talk much about the discipline in our homes, but I had some idea of how Matt’s parents handled disobedience. Although Matt rarely mentioned the subject, I knew his father had taken a belt to him on a few occasions when he was […]

Fathers Discipline

Another aspect of school-based corporal punishment is the often told prospect of a secondary punishment administered at home and as a direct result of the first punishment. The emotive phrase “wait till your father gets home” scenario. I wonder if on occasion when the teacher was unable to personally dish out a walloping,(for example schools […]

Parental Consent

I started secondary school in the late 1970s. This was at a time when corporal punishment was being phased out. My school in the Midlands elected for a typically British compromise and decided its pupils could be given corporal punishment unless their parents sent a letter stating that they wished their child to be exempted […]

Children using CP to Learn

There are many games children play in which they assume adult or parental roles. While it is play to them, it is certainly an important part of their learning process, progressing from child to parent. For example, girls in particular played “house” with their dolls. Many dolls were in “baby” form so that the girls […]

Lady Krampus

And you didn’t even link the big version, which is here or the extended version here or all the still pictures that German chappie has on his website. Now I have to confess at first I was a little daunted and even faltered somewhat in my determination to continue with my mission to get at the full truth  about […]

Mrs Wilkins III

“Let me think for a moment, Mrs. Wilkins. … Why yes, I believe I am free this weekend. I would be happy to babysit for Johnny and Billy.” “Splendid. I’m so glad you two stopped by. Oh and Janet, can you use some tomatoes? I’ve got more in my garden than I know what to […]

Remembrance IV

It was a warm summer afternoon that I’ll never forget.  I was down in the den, laid over my stepmom’s lap, with my bare buttocks exposed. My stepmom Julie was about to inflict the first lash of a spanking with a doubled-up leather belt when the doorbell rang. “Don’t you move!. I’ll be right back,” […]

Remebrance III

Grab it tightly now. Think back to that warm summer afternoon so many years ago……. You were 11 years old. Layed over your stepmom’s lap with your bare bottom exposed. Receiving the sting and bite of 30 smacks from a wooden hairbrush. Your stepmom had come home from a tennis match and caught you making […]

Remembrance II

George Miles arrived home on Thursday night, after a long but successful business trip. He enters his home and is surprised to see the TV on in the den, but is puzzled that nobody is watching it. He then hears some commotion coming from upstairs.   Upon entering the master bedroom, George is greeted by […]

Sylvia’s Mother VII

A couple of days later it was Friday. As there was no urgency to complete homework on this day, during the evening I often used to go along to Sylvia’s house, or she to mine. On his particular Friday, I went to hers and when I arrived I found that she was already playing cards […]

Sylvia’s Mother IV

The next day, Sylvia and Yvonne called round for me. They could hardly have been nicer and more attentive. Clearly, Sylvia’s mother had sent them out with instructions, for I was under no illusions about what their real feelings towards me might be. But we stayed together and played together without problems. Of course, this […]

Sylvia’s Mother III

Once again, I felt inhibited from visiting Sylvia’s house after seeing her punished, but this time the days passed without Sylvia appearing at my door. I began to have a horrible suspicion that now our friendship—if so it could be called—was really over. My mother, tired of me hanging around the house, urged me to […]

Sylvia’s Mother

“I’m sorry, Philip, Sylvia can’t come out today. She has been very naughty and I have sent her to her bedroom.” “Oh,” I said, disappointed. There were very few other kids around my age in scattered community, and no boys, and so although Sylvia was a rather bossy and sometimes ill-natured girl, we had become […]

Remembrance V

It was another summer spanking from my stepmom Julie that I fondly recalled at age 11. I got into trouble with Julie and she led me to the master bedroom where she always administered my spankings. After grabbing her hairbrush, Julie began to unzip my short pants. As I watched and began preparing myself for […]

Mrs Wilkins IX

It didn’t. Suddenly the familiar sound of a maternal hand on a bare bottom began ringing up from the basement. Even before that, Billy was hard. With the sound of Johnny’s spanking coming up from the basement, he positively throbbed in his pants. Although Johnny must have struggled hard to avoid crying, his resistance seemed […]

Mrs Wilkins VIII

At first, the spanks were rather mild and added considerably to the warmth which coursed through his loins. She continued spanking him that way, moving in circles around his bottom for even coverage and letting her hand rest on his cheeks after each spank. Her thighs eventually opened, trapping his penis between them, before closing […]