Why Mikey Likes Eating At Home I

After two and a half hours of looking at clothes for the girls Mikey’s mother spent 15 minutes picking out some jeans and a pair of shirts for him. Throughout the arduous afternoon Sandy was reprimanding her son to “behave,” “stop fidgeting,” “grow up,” etc. The shopping was getting on Mikey’s nerves, and he in turn was driving his mother quickly to the edge. Mikey’s behavior was rotten and his disposition was even worse. Sandy was playing referee between the kids as the long afternoon was wearing them all down. All three children were bickering, especially Mikey and Tami. So, to try to placate the kids, she stopped at the local Mexican quick-serve restaurant. In the restaurant Mikey was still arguing with his sisters, particularly Tami. Tami was making faces and using her finger to flick pieces of shredded cheese at her brother, while Mikey kept whining “stop it,” and “cut it out.” Karen was also a little irritable but as of late had begun to take on the role of “Mommy’s Little Helper”, which means that she is still acts up, just never in front of mom, and she reports all of her siblings misbehaviors. And like many “Mommy’s Little Helpers” she is an accomplished instigator, starting a fight and then stepping away to become the victim when Mikey or Tami retaliate. As “Mommy’s Little Helper”, Karen began chiding her brother and sister, telling Tami to “knock it off,” and Mikey to “act your age” which only made matters worse, but which Sandy thought of as help with the younger ones. Mikey then started in on Karen, as no one likes to be told to act their age, especially by a sister only two years older. Sandy tired of this and got up to refill her soda, leaving with a warning that if everyone didn’t knock it off they’d all be the sorriest kids in town. When Mikey got hit with yet another piece of cheese he retaliated by picking up a spork full of taco pizza and flinging it at Tami. Sandy heard Karen shout “Mikey NO!” and turned around just in time to see the scoop of cheese, meat and bean leave the spork and land on Tami’s just purchased blouse, which Sandy permitted her daughter to wear against her better judgement. The ensuing fight between Mikey and Tami was short lived. Tami jumped up knocking over her drink, which in turned knocked over his drink, which landed partially on him and most spilled on his mother who was in the process of dragging him out of the chair by the collar. Sandy was appalled that her children acted this way at all, but she couldn’t tolerate that it was done in public. “Karen,” Sandy was not yelling, but her voice was heard by all in the small restaurant, “please take your brother out to the van for me. And you,” she added taking Tami by the arm, “Come with me.” Sandy handed Karen the keys to their conversion van, while she led Tami to the woman’s room. “Come on,” Karen said needlessly to Mikey as she condescendingly took his arm and walked her younger brother to the van. Sandy led Tami to the woman’s rest room where she scolded her daughter and after a few swats to the girl’s bottom ordered Tami to take off her blouse. After a few moments of arguing, which only served to earn her additional spanks, and the promise of even more, Tami relented and took off the shirt so her mother could try to wash it. After a few minutes of rinsing it in the small sink, and despite the use of soap, it was obvious that the grease was now a permanent part of the blouse that she purchased just a scant few hours previous. Sandy threw the shirt on the floor in disgust and once again grabbed her daughter’s arm, “March!” she barked to Tami. “But mom, my shirt!” Tami exclaimed is dismay. Sandy realized her folly and retrieved the sodden blouse from the floor. With a loud gasp from Tami, Sandy pushed the girl out the bathroom door. Tami, bare from the waist up, had only the smallest buds of breasts, still too small for a training bra, as all the patrons of the restaurant now saw. Tami ran out of the restaurant, past the tables outside the front door, and through the parking lot to the van, the door of which was dutifully locked by Mikey when he saw his half-naked sister running towards him. Tami was red faced and crying, banging on the door, attracting the attention of anyone who may have missed her before. Sandy strode purposefully to the van, the blouse still dripping, leaving a trail of water droplets on the pavement, “Mikey, open that door NOW!” Sandy hollered. Mikey opened the side door and his sister jumped in and began pounding on him with her fists, her words unintelligible through her cries of humiliation and anguish. Rather than enter the van through the driver’s door Sandy entered through the side cargo door, throwing the ruined blouse at Mikey’s feet. “Look what you’ve done. Well I’ve had enough!” And with that she closed the door, pulling Tami away from Mikey. Tami, realizing again that she was naked except for her shorts and sneakers jumped into the back seat to rummage through the bags from the mall, looking for the shirt she wore shopping. Sandy lifted Mikey up and sat down in the middle of the bench seat. Mikey was surprised when he felt his mother pop open the button to his jeans and undue the zipper with blinding speed, in a flash his pants and underwear were almost to his knees. The van was backed into a space, the front of the van facing the outdoor dining tables and the front of the restaurant. Although it was possible that someone saw a flash of his bottom in the brief seconds after his pants were pulled down and before he was placed over his mother’s knee, his privacy was now protected by the dashboard and the deep tinted windows. Karen put down both the driver and passenger windows upon entering the van, so even though the spanking wasn’t seen, it was certainly heard by anyone at the tables or in the parking lot. As soon as Tami had on a shirt she kneeled on the rear seat, her arms crossed on the back of the middle bench seat with a birds eye view of Mikey’s backside. Karen swiveled the front passenger seat all the way around so she too got a clear view of Mikey’s chubby bottom. Sandy, who had been scolding Mikey as he lay over her knees, startled the three children with the commencement of Mikey’s punishment. The sound of the first spank, despite the plush lay out of the van, was very loud. Mikey yelped with that first slap and with each subsequent spank his yelps turned first into gasps and later to cries. Sandy gave Mikey twenty-five spanks in about three minutes time. Mikey was kicking his feet about and crying, his backside wiggling about with each spank, forgetting, or rather not caring that his sisters were present for this punishment. As quickly and unpredictably as she started, Sandy stopped. She spun Mikey around so he was seated next to her and scolded him some more. As soon as he was seated Mikey clasped his hands to his privates, to prevent his sisters from seeing them, although he knew they’d probably seen a quick flash. As Mikey sat crying, Sandy grabbed Tami’s arm and pulled her from the back seat, lifting the girl’s body over the seat, forcing Tami to scramble on her tip-toes. Much to Tami’s distress and Karen’s delight (she wasn’t expecting a double feature!) Sandy placed her youngest child over her lap, dispatching the girl’s elastic waist shorts and panties with ease. Mikey was still seated to his mother’s left, pants down, hands on his privates when Tami’s head landed in his lap, her long hair covering his legs. Sandy followed the same pattern of scolding Tami for a few minutes and suddenly spanking away. Again, about twenty-five spanks fell in a three minute time period. Tami kicked and squealed while Karen sat perched in the front seat. Mikey, who was somewhat happy to see his tormenter get her comeuppance was still embarrassed about being naked between his waist and his knees. Tami’s long curly hair bobbed about whenever she jerked her head in response to a spank and the hair both tickled and scratched Mikey’s bare thighs. He wanted to push away the hair, or his sister’s head, but he couldn’t do so without exposing his privates to the view of his sisters, and Tami’s head was still in his lap. Sandy suddenly finished the spanking, she lifted the crying girl up and sat Tami down on the right side of the seat, the tomato red bottom being flashed briefly to everyone who was looking. And by now everyone was looking. Sandy stood up and stepped to the driver’s seat, turning to admonish her two younger children, “Tami I want you in the back seat, and Mikey you stay right where you are. And if I hear one peep out of either of you I’ll stop the van and spank BOTH of you again. Am I understood?!” Sandy added rhetorically. “Karen I want you to keep an eye on them and if they start up again I want to know who started it.” With that proclamation Sandy started the van, noticing for the first time the number of people who had heard everything that just transpired. Tami quickly jumped from the middle seat to her accustomed place in the back, flashing her bright red bottom to Mikey, Karen, and whoever else was still looking into the windshield. Throwing herself across the back seat Tami cried without giving a thought to pulling up her panties or shorts. Karen was still perched upon her chair, which still faced the back of the van. Her annoying sense of importance as “Mother’s Little Helper” inflated since she was officially empowered by her mother to watch and, if necessary, tattle on her siblings. Karen sat up tall in the chair, a smug look of superiority on her face as a still sobbing Mikey sat with his hands in his lap, trying to decide how to cover up without Karen seeing his privates. Mikey slid to the ground and half kneeled, half crouched, his hands cupping his privates, Karen knew what he was doing and didn’t let him off the hook by looking away. If Mikey was facing Karen and dropped his hands to lift up his underwear she could get another quick glance at his privates, but if he turned away she get a good long view of his beet red backside. Actually there was no contest, Mikey was so embarrassed at being so vulnerable in front of his mother and sisters that he was now sporting a prepubescent erection. Now that he was more aware of his erection than the fire just spanked into his rump, Mikey’s debate was over and he turned around and quickly brought his hands down to pull up his underwear. “Oh mom! I saw your handprints on Mikey’s butt! You should see them, I can really see some fingers.” Karen exclaimed, more to let everyone know she saw her 12 year old brother’s bare bottom, than to inform everyone about the handprints. “Well just remember, I’ve left some prints on your bottom too!” Sandy said to remind Karen that she was “Mommy’s Little Helper”, NOT mommy. With that the van pulled out of the parking lot and Mikey decided that he’d stick with burgers and forgo tacos for the rest of his life.