Friends Reunited now, Catholic Church then

Just watched a news story about a massive meeting of Catholic Bishops for the purpose of addressing child abuse in the Catholic church. Now, of course, this is happening because the Church had an horrific record of hiding knowledge of abuse, and protecting the abusers, using every trick under the sun.

Now compare this with the web site Friends United. This site is CLEARLY hiding knowledge of CP abuse perpertrated in many schools in the past, and protecting the abusers, by deleting messages from ex-pupils brave enough to publically detail this abuse.

We saw the prime example of ‘protect the abuser at any cost’ attitude with the sham trial of Peverett, one of Thatcher’s top dogs, who, along with Pinochet, got his get-out-of-jail-free card from her CLOSE mate Blair.

What most people fail to realise is that much recent CP in Britain was NEVER legal, because it failed fundamental human rights laws that stood above our own domestic laws. The rulings of the European Courts did not make much CP illegal, but clearly stated that from the moment Britain had been signatory of the appropriate rights treaties, it was by definition illegal. (And yes, I recognise that under the various rulings, CP with explicit parental consent was probably legal, but how many parents would have given consent, given that ‘blackmailed consent’ ie., ‘we beat or we expel’, would not count as consent).

It was the same, of course, for lowering the age of consent for male-male sex to that for female-male sex. It was never a matter for the British government to say yes or no, but to recognise instead the higher human rights courts that said that they must be the same.

Like the history of WWII atrocities that should allow the world to say ‘never again’, the abuse perpertrated against kids (in council homes, schools, and reformatories) should be told out loud, so NEVER, EVER AGAIN are teachers unions, politicians, or social workers allowed to intimidate parents, and allow rules that cause physical abuse of their kids.

Go read posts at Friends ReUnited. See how many times ‘nightmares’ and ‘lost all interest in that subject’ come up in conjunction with CP.

I have a wish. That is every time some teacher, or their friend, relative, union rep, education department flunkey, etc., presses the ‘report abuse’ button to delete the message detailing past abuse against a child, that person goes straight to hell to burn for all of eternity.

Sorry for this ‘downer’ of a post, but this makes me so damn angry!

PS Please DO NOT reply that FR is obliged to delete such posts to comply with the law. The same *expletive-deleted* excuse was used by the Catholic Church for so many years.

I know that there has been a real hooha about this site ie, people posting the TRUTH, which is then removed by the siteowners in response to the NUT protests.
this is so outrageous.
teachers these days arent allowed to touch their pupils, but if I told my kids the truth about what went on at my schools in the 60s and 70s they wouldnt believe me. they would shout “child abuse”.
it wasnt evn the physical pain so much as the ritual humiliation – bottoms being smacked in front of classes, sometimes the whole school – having yor skirt lifted up by a male teacher and their hands slapping your backside – this was torture!
the boys were treated worse than the girls, they got the cane as well as the slipper and ordinary spankings and sometimes they bottoms were bared first. they also got it harder than the girls, except for one male teacher who seemed to hate girls and really walloped them hard with his gym shoe.
even the threat of spanking was humiliating. i still feel embarrassed when I think of a male teacher who said he was going to smack my behind until I coulndt sit down. We couldnt even complain to our parents then as if they knew we’d been punished at school it would be even worse at home – a belting on the bare backside at home for misbehaving at school! Kids today dont know they’re born – there were so many abusive teachers around then – i wonder if they ever feel guilty for what they did?