Mrs Wilkins III

“Let me think for a moment, Mrs. Wilkins. … Why yes, I believe I am free this weekend. I would be happy to babysit for Johnny and Billy.” “Splendid. I’m so glad you two stopped by. Oh and Janet, can you use some tomatoes? I’ve got more in my garden than I know what to do with.” “Why how nice of you, Ruthie. Yes, we can always use some of your delicious tomatoes.” “Wonderful. How about a cool glass of lemonade?” “Splendid … we’d love some.” “Good. Why don’t you make yourselves comfortable and I’ll have the boys bring it out. Johnny and Billy, when you finish those dishes, could you please bring out three tall glasses full of ice and lemonade. I just made some up this morning and it’s in the fridge. After that, you can go up to your room if you want.” Billy and Johnny looked at each other again, gulped, and quickly finished the dishes. Then they found three glasses and filled them with ice and lemonade. Johnny took two glasses and Billy carried the other one out into the living room. Though the three women were seated around the coffee table, chatting away busily, Billy could feel the eyes of Mrs. Thompson and Belinda on him and Johnny. And he blushed deeply when Belinda said, “They certainly make an awfully cute pair dressed like that, don’t they, Mrs. Wilkins. They look more like nine year olds.” “Don’t they. That’s part of their punishment, Belinda. Any boy who isn’t too old for a spanking doesn’t need to wear shorts, especially when he’s going to get his bare fanny warmed later anyway. I just hope these boys behave themselves on Friday or they’ll both be wearing underpants when you arrive. From what Billy’s mother tells me, she always hires babysitters who know how to spank.” Billy and Johnny blushed even more at this before rushing upstairs to their rooms. At last they were free from so many prying female eyes. Something at the back of Billy’s mind told him that he and Johnny would be going over Belinda’s knee before the summer was out. With Belinda scheduled to sit for them, Billy’s thoughts were on her when Mrs. Wilkins took them down into the basement later and gave them both their second spanking. Indeed, Billy could think of little other than Belinda for the next three days. That weekend, the boys managed to be good as gold with Belinda, at least until Sunday morning. And Belinda turned out to be just as nice as Johnny said she was. Billy noticed how much Johnny liked her and found himself sharing his best friend’s warm feelings off the bat. It didn’t hurt that Belinda was also quite pretty with a mature figure accentuated by tight sweaters. From their twelve-year old’s perspective, all seventeen year old girls were very much fully grown women. On Sunday morning, Mrs. Wilkins had to go out at 9:30 and Belinda came over just before that. Since Johnny normally went to church with his mother at 11:00, Mrs. Wilkins asked Belinda to take the boys to church and then bring them home and feed them lunch. That was where the trouble started. Johnny asked Billy to come into their room for a whispered conference after his mother left. Since neither boy wanted to go to church, he suggested they pretend to be a little feverish. That way they could stay at home and watch the Lone Ranger and the Three Stooges and other shows which they liked on Sunday morning. When Billy asked how they could fake it, Johnny reminded him of the old “thermometer by the lamp” trick. The two boys agreed to give it a try and got into bed after wheeling in the TV cart and turning on the TV. About an hour later, Belinda poked her head in and reminded them to get dressed and ready for church. When the two boys said they weren’t feeling all that well, Belinda came over and felt their foreheads. “You don’t seem to have any fever. Perhaps I’d better get the thermometer.” “Yeah,” Johnny said, “because we don’t feel all that great, do we Billy?” “No, we don’t,” Billy added. Belinda disappeared into the bathroom and rummaged around the cabinet, emerging a few moments later with a thermometer. After shaking it down, she put it in Johnny’s mouth, told him to keep his mouth closed, and said she’d be back in three minutes. As soon as she disappeared, Johnny winked at Billy and held the thermometer briefly near his bedside lamp. After it went way up, he then shook it down a few times, checking it to make sure it didn’t sink too low or stay too high. He must have got it down just right because when Belinda returned to check on his temperature, she said, “99.5 … hmmm … I guess you do have a slight fever. Let’s see what Billy’s is.” She then washed the thermometer in the bathroom and returned, shaking it down as she crossed the room to Billy’s bed. After slipping it in and reminding him to keep his mouth closed til she returned, she went back to her lunch preparations. Once she left their room, Billy put the thermometer near his bedside lamp for just a second as Johnny had done. Anything more than that and the mercury would have exploded out of the thermometer. Even so, it read more than 106 when he looked at it. Billy quickly began shaking the thermometer down and soon had it down after a few tries to about 101. Further whispered consultation with Johnny confirmed that it was still too high for someone whose forehead didn’t feel hot. So Billy continued shaking the thermometer down some more. He hadn’t ever done this before and didn’t realize how easy it was. Unfortunately, he ended up shaking it down too much so that it read 97. After holding it quickly near the lamp again, Billy started over. Before he could check the thermometer, he heard Belinda’s footsteps outside the door. There was nothing he could do but pop the thermometer into his mouth just before she entered the room. “How’s my other sick boy doing? Let’s see what the thermometer says.” After taking it out and looking at it, Belinda exclaimed, “104.2! This can’t be right. Wait a minute … Billy. What did you do with this thermometer, hmmm … Billy? Answer me?” “Nothing, Belinda, I swear.” Unfortunately, something about his expression hinted otherwise to the experienced sitter who had seen every trick over the years. “Young man, you certainly don’t have a temperature of a hundred and four. That’s clear from looking at you and feeling your forehead. You’ve been playing with this thermometer, haven’t you? Look at me when I’m speaking to you, young man.” The more Billy tried to look at her, the redder his face got. “Johnny, did you hold this thermometer near the lamp to get out of church?” “No, Belinda, why would we do a thing like that?” “Perhaps because it’s the oldest trick in the book. Don’t you think I’ve seen everything after seven years of babysitting? I tried all those tricks once myself, you know.” “Really, Belinda, we’re not feeling all that well. I swear it.” “Well, there’s only one way to tell for sure. You two just lie right there. It’s time I found out whether you really do have fevers or not.” With that, Belinda disappeared into the bathroom. The two boys looked at each other and gulped as they heard her open the cabinet and begin rummaging around some more. Billy could tell Johnny was annoyed with him though it wasn’t his fault Belinda had returned so quickly the second time. A minute later, Belinda emerged triumphantly, carrying a jar of vaseline and a rectal thermometer. “I thought I remembered seeing this in the cabinet the last time I sat for you, Johnny. Now we can find out what’s really going on here.” “But Belinda, we’re too old for a baby thermometer,” Billy protested. “Young man, I let you use a grown-up thermometer but it ended up reading 104.2 when your forehead feels perfectly normal. If you insist on playing childish games with the grown-up thermometer, I’m going to use a child’s thermometer on you instead. Now roll over unless you want me to apply something a lot worse to your fanny.” Billy continued pleading even as he rolled over. What else could he do. Belinda sat down on the bed beside him, set the thermometer and the jar of vaseline on the bedside table and pulled his pyjama bottoms down to mid-thigh. “You just lie still, young man, until we’re finished taking your temperature.” To reinforce her request, she gave Billy’s fanny a single spank. “Ouuch,” he responded. “That was nothing compared to what you’re going to get if I find you were playing games with the grown-up thermometer. Now hold still.” Opening the jar of vaseline, Belinda dipper her index finger in and pulled out a generous dab. Setting the jar back on the table, she spread Billy’s cheeks with one hand while gently rubbing the dab of Vaseline over his rectum. She then inserted the thermometer and held it in place by resting her palm on his bottom. By the time she removed it, Billy was quite stiff and grateful to be lying on his stomach. “Ahaa! Just as I suspected, young man. Your temperature is completely normal at 98.6.” “I don’t understand, Belinda, I really do feel like I’m coming down with something.” “Let’s just see how Johnny’s temperature is. Something tells me he’s going to be normal too. … No, stay on your stomach and don’t touch your pjs. They’ll need to stay down for a while longer if Johnny’s temp is normal like yours.” Belinda took the thermometer back into the bathroom, wiped it off with tissue, and washed it carefully. She then returned to the boy’s room, collected the vaseline, and moved over to Johnny’s bed noting he had already rolled over onto his stomach. She then repeated the procedure and soon pronounced Johnny fit as a fiddle too. “All right, you two. I want the truth out of you and I want it right now. If you tell me what’s really going on, I’ll handle this situation myself and won’t tell Johnny’s mom about all this when she returns this afternoon. But if I think you are still lying, I’ll punish you now and tell Mrs. Wilkins as well, which will certainly mean a little chat in the basement for the next two nights. Johnny was the first to break, perhaps because he hoped his slightly modified temperature would allow him to get off more easily. “Belinda, we just wanted to stay home from church … that’s all. We didn’t mean any harm. We just thought if we said we felt a little off, we could stay here and watch more of our favorite TV shows. I thought if I warmed up the thermometer just a little, it wouldn’t be that bad.” “Yeah,” Billy chimed in. “I didn’t mean to make it go as high as 104.2. We just wanted to get out of church, that’s all.” “Young man, the problem is not that you wanted to avoid church or watch more TV. That’s perfectly understandable with someone your age. The problem is that you lied about how you were feeling and tried to pretend you were sick by fixing the thermometer reading. Dishonesty is a very serious offense, as I’m sure your mother would agree, Johnny.” “Oh please don’t tell my mom, Belinda. Please don’t tell her about this.” “I suppose I could just handle this myself, since you two have been straight with me. Would you prefer that, you two?” “Yes please, Belinda,” came the chorus. “You know what both of you are going to get for lying to me, don’t you.” Johnny and Billy looked at each other and back at Belinda without saying anything. “A good spanking on your bare bottoms. That’s what you’re both going to get. I’m surprised you thought you could get away with a stunt like this. Unfortunately, it’s quite late right now and church is going to start in a half hour. We’ll have to put off most of your spankings until afterwards. But I think a good taste of what is coming will give you something to think about when you’re sitting on that hard pew in church. Stand up, Johnny.” “No, Belinda, please, not now … please … not with Billy here.” “Don’t be silly, child. He’s getting a spanking right after you. Now stand up now!” With that, she hauled him up off the bed and at once they could see why he was so reluctant to get up. For he was just as stiff as Billy was, something which made Billy a little less embarrassed and strangely excited. “You are even naughtier than I thought, young man,” Belinda said. She then sat down, pulled her skirts up out of the way, and put Johnny over her knee. Immediately she began spanking him rapidly, allowing her hand to rise no more than a foot before delivering another smack. It was clear she wanted to give Johnny a good idea of what was coming in the short time she had. As Johnny twisted and turned on her lap, Billy watched with fascination as his penis dug into her soft thighs. He was surprised at how long it stayed stiff and how urgent his own condition remained throughout Johnny’s brief punishment.