Candy Store Owner Part 1

Spanking has been a fascination of mine ever since I can remember.

I grew up in the late fifties and early sixties as the only child of a conservative, middle-class family.

I was spanked frequently, and although I did not enjoy it at the time, my mind dwelt endlessly on it.

In those days, discipline was swift.

It was not unusual to see others you were close to get a spanking.

I had two female cousins, Lauren and Mary.

Their dad and mom were very strict, and it was not at all uncommon to see either of them get a quick slap on the backside just for saying something out of line.

They lived in a small town near us.

During one summer, their parents had to go to see their oldest son, who was in the services, and left the two girls with us.

My dad was a truck driver and spent most of the time on the road, so my mom had to take care of the three of us on her own.

We were bored one day, and my mom gave us money for the movies.

During the walk home, we stopped in the little neighborhood candy store to buy some penny candy.

Lauren, being the oldest, had been entrusted with the money and handed us each some.

While Mary and I were keeping the woman who ran the store busy with our selection, Lauren slipped a candy bar off the counter and into her pocket.

When we got outside, she proudly displayed her prize.

I pointed out that her dad would hit the ceiling if she was caught.

She simply replied,

“Well, I didn’t get caught, and you’re not telling”.

Both Mary and I agreed to keep Lauren’s secret.

The next day, the three of us walked to the same store for bread for my mom.

Slick as a whistle, Lauren pulled the same trick again.

I was getting pretty frightened by all of this, but Mary was just completely taken by her older sister’s bravery.

Later that evening, Mary went into the store, bought an ice cream, and pulled the same trick.

Lauren and Mary thought they were pretty smart, stealing that poor old lady blind.

But they were mistaken.

The woman knew my mom and apparently had called her and told her about Mary.

Lauren was pretty proficient at stealing, but the store owner had seen Mary.

The next morning, the three of us were outside on the porch when mom called me inside.

She just said, “Donald, I want to see you back in your room.”

When I got back there, I saw that she had placed both the paddle that she usually used on me as well as her flat, wooden hairbrush on the bed.

I got a little scared but was not sure what she was going to do or what it was all about.

“I want you to give me your side of what’s been happening down at the store.

The lady from the store called and said that she saw Mary stealing candy.

She thinks Lauren has been stealing as well but doesn’t know about you.”

I was really scared by then.

My mom was quite a spanker, as I was well aware.

I knew the paddle could really hurt, but I had never gotten it with her brush, although she had threatened me a few times.

I started to tell her that it was the girls, not me, who had been stealing.

She listened but did not seem convinced.

She said that knowing about stealing, and not trying to stop it by telling her was just as bad as stealing.

I continued to insist it was the girls who were the cause of it all.

She replied that she was going to spank both of them until they could not sit for a week,

As well as this, she was going to make them go down to the store and apologize to the woman.

She mentioned she was thinking about giving the girls another spanking in front of the store owner as well.

Mom hadn’t condemned me to a spanking yet, but I was sure one was right around the corner if I didn’t do something to talk her out of it.

I talked fast and told her I’d told the girls that stealing was wrong.

I told her I was going to tell on them too, but Lauren had threatened to punch me in the nose if I did.

Lauren was older and bigger than I was, so I thought my lie would convince mom that I was innocent.

It didn’t.

She let me finish, then said that she was going to punish me first.

She said she would get the truth out of me once and for all, and then deal .with the girls.

I was immediately intimidated to silence and terrified.

Mom always spanked when she said she was going to, and no amount of words could change her mind.

She also lived up to every “behave or else” spanking threat she’d ever uttered.

She had decided I was going to get spanked.

Like a dying person’s life flashes before their eyes, I saw and felt every previous punishment spanking I’d ever received.

I knew exactly what I would have to endure again.

Mom ignored my knocking knees and motioned for me to come closer to her.

I knew that it was pointless to try and get out of it.

Mom pulled me across her lap and adjusted my position.

She then started spanking me with her hand, quite hard.

After about twenty hard ones, she asked me again who had stolen and why I hadn’t told her about it.

I sobbed that it was the girls,

I hadn’t told her because Lauren threatened me.

“I don’t believe you.” she said, and picked up the paddle.

This was the wooden type that you see occasionally in gift shops.

It was good for quite a sting.

She gave me another twenty more good swats.

By now I was crying and kicking.

I told her that I knew about the girls stealing, but I did not steal anything!

“Okay, I believe you now.” she replied.

“But you’re going to get the hairbrush for not telling me.”

She picked up the brush and tightened her grip on me.

The pain was unbelievable, far worse then the paddle.

I was crying really hard and my back-side felt like it was on fire in no time at all.

Mom increased her pace.

She must have given me about forty swats when she put the brush down, and hand spanked my bottom and upper thighs.

She held me across her knee for a few minutes while I kept crying, then led me to the corner.