Teenager suffered humiliating attack

A man humiliated a Halloween prankster by pulling down his trousers and caning him — then handcuffing him to a washing line, a court heard. A lit firework was even placed between the buttocks of the 15-year-old but was taken away before it went off on October 31 last year. The incident led to a […]

Registrar offered fake degrees for spanking

A UNIVERSITY registrar offered forged degrees to two women in exchange for spanking sessions, a court heard yesterday. Karl Woodgett, who filmed himself caning the women at a hotel, ‘broke the trust’ of his employers, said judge David Ticehurst. The 37-year-old, who worked at the University of Bath at the time, offered Cameroonians Elsie Neh […]

Paras’ sick babooning torture

MoD probe elite unit By Phil Nettleton ROOKIE soldiers are being thrashed with whips and canes in a barbaric ritual known as “babooning”. The initiation ceremony – which leaves the backsides of teenage squaddies red raw with bleeding cuts – takes place in the elite Parachute Regiment. And, embarrassingly for the Army, it follows a […]

Drama teacher who spanked would-be actresses jailed

A drama teacher who caned, spanked and whipped would-be actresses while “directing” bogus film auditions has been jailed for a year. Stephen Andrew Hunt used the scripts of fictional television dramas as a “licence to grope and abuse” three women, Birmingham Crown Court heard. He had placed an advert for recruits in the actors’ newspaper […]

Cricketer sentenced for caning trainees

Peter Roebuck received a suspended sentence Former Somerset cricket captain Peter Roebuck has been given a suspended jail sentence after admitting caning three young cricketers he had offered to coach. Roebuck, 45, of Exmouth in Devon, pleaded guilty to three charges of common assault involving three South African teenagers between 1 April and 31 May, 1999. He […]

Ex-cricketer to face judge

Former Somerset county cricket captain Peter Roebuck is to face a crown court hearing on charges of assaulting three young players. He told magistrates in Taunton on Thursday that he wanted the case heard before a judge. Mr Roebuck, 45, of Portland Avenue, Exmouth, Devon, faces three charges of causing actual bodily harm. He is […]

Spanking charge teacher admits visiting sex websites

A college tutor accused of spanking some of his students admits he has visited corporal punishment websites. Terry Carroll, of Stortford Hall Park, Bishops Stortford, Essex, says curiosity drove him to call up pornographic sites on his computer. He insists he is only before London’s Snaresbrook Crown Court on charges of indecent assault because he […]

College tutor ‘spanked pupil’

A student sobbed as she told a court how her middle-aged college tutor tried to spank her across his knee, telling her she needed a “master”. She claimed Terry Carroll, 46, of Stortford Hall Park, Bishops Stortford, Essex, also thrust his hand up her skirt while whispering in her ear that she should call him […]

Cricket captain is accused of spanking pupil

‘Roebuck gave me 12 of the best as punishment because he said I was unfit’ By Rupert Hamer CRICKET star Peter Roebuck is being investigated by police over allegations that he assaulted a young player. Roebuck, 44, who captained Ian Botham, Viv Richards and Joel Garner during Somerset’s glory days, is said to have used […]

Dentist ‘spanked girl trainee in exam test’

By Neil Tweedie A DENTIST put a trainee assistant across his knee, pulled down her knickers, and made her shout out the answers to exam questions while slapping her bottom, a disciplinary hearing was told yesterday. James Aukett, 49, a former Olympic athlete and athletics coach, appeared before a committee of the General Dental Council […]

Spank girl couldn’t sit for 2 days

Tutor beat her 95 times By Beth Marshall A GIRL student couldn’t sit down for two days after a lecturer thrashed her bum for poor work. Sadistic Graham Walker smacked her 50 times with his HAND, 25 times with a leather PADDLE followed by 20 strokes of the CANE, a court heard. Her tormentor had earlier made “naive and innocent” Nichole […]

Boss spanked ‘naughty’ girls

By Declan Cunningham NURSING home boss Neal Mahfouz’s idea of staff discipline was to put girls over his knee and smack them, an industrial tribunal was told yesterday. He set them impossible memory tests and forced them into corporal punishment when they failed. The tribunal decided that two girl care assistants who quit their jobs […]

Inspector ‘hit a police girl on her bare bottom’

By Ted Oliver Click to enlarge AN INSPECTOR at the Metropolitan Police school indecently assaulted a trainee WPC, a court was told yesterday. She claimed that he told her to bend over, lifted her skirt, pulled down her underwear and twice slapped her hard on her bare buttocks. Inspector David Henley denied assaulting 19-year-old Susan […]

Stable joy-riders whipped

And I was right, says woman fined £350 Daily Mail Reporter A WOMAN who pioneered horse-riding lessons for handicapped children was fined £350 yesterday for lining up seven other children in her farmyard and hitting them with a riding whip. Mrs Audrey Steel, 39, disciplined the seven because they were larking about on a tractor. […]

Throw away that bat, m’lord

By Graham Jay In these enlightened times the painful practice of giving naughty boys a good old-fashioned whacking is just about dead. Apart from a few die-hard sticklers for discipline, nobody much approves of it anyway. But on a converted barge, which members of a youth club use as their headquarters, they still know what […]

Our Man at St Mark’s Whacks ‘Em

By Brian McConnell A REAL-LIFE man at St. Mark’s is helping parents out … by caning naughty children. People call at the Rev. Donald Pateman’s vicarage at Dalston in the East End and say: “We want you to give our son a good caning, vicar.” And the vicar obliges. Yesterday, 52-year-old Mr. Pateman explained: “I […]

Farmer whips boys who fought his fire

By Daily Mail Reporter FARMER Alex Pogson was furious with the two 12-year-old boys he caught near his burning grain sacks. He whipped them twice with his horse whip and made them and the two 14-year-old girls with them climb over a hawthorn hedge. Then he drove them to an isolated country lane and left […]