Spank girl couldn’t sit for 2 days

Tutor beat her 95 times

By Beth Marshall

A GIRL student couldn’t sit down for two days after a lecturer thrashed her bum for poor work.

Sadistic Graham Walker smacked her 50 times with his HAND, 25 times with a leather PADDLE followed by 20 strokes of the CANE, a court heard.

Her tormentor had earlier made “naive and innocent” Nichole Yi Weng Wang sign a document agreeing to physical punishment if her work was not up to scratch.

It included a clause that the thrashings would be harder if she chose not to remove the bottom half of her clothes.

And after the vicious beating, the tortured Taiwanese girl could hardly crawl into the taxi taking her home. A doctor found severe bruising to her buttocks.

Nicole, 30, was one of 18 foreign students on a business admin course at the University of Central England, Birmingham Crown Court was told.

At one point she told course tutor Walker, 47, her computer had broken down and he used this as a ruse to get her to his home. He asked her to be his girl and when she refused, told her she’d never get her degree unless he became her personal mentor.

It was then that he produced the spanking document, prosecutor James Burbidge said.

A few days later, he told the woman her work was not up to standard and administered the beating.

Police later recovered two leather whips, a paddle and two spank vids from his home.

Jailing ‘lonely’ Walker, of Calshot Road, Great Barr, for 21 months, Mrs Justice Smith said he had deliberately chosen Miss Wang as a soft target and he had abused his position of authority.