Bully for Caning 2

I was bullied by a couple of boys in middle school, but it became serious and unbearable in high school. None of these boys were related to each other or “hung out” together. That boy, which lead to my near-strapping, had never bothered me before, and had never bothered me since. I think he simply […]

Kathleen is ready for a caning

Express Staff Reporter Click to enlarge FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD runaway Kathleen Marsh will go back to school today prepared to take a caning. She ran away from Wroughton secondary modern school, Wiltshire, during Monday’s lunch hour because, she said, she had been told she would be caned for writing a date on her hand. She disappeared for […]

“Spoilt choirboy gets £9 for cuff on the ear

UNITED KINGDOM Domestic CP – September 1948 Corpun file 24322 at www.corpun.com Daily Mirror, London, 21 September 1948, p.3 The Church’s “little bully” was defiant “Spoilt choirboy gets £9 for cuff on the ear Click to enlarge CHOIRBOY Rodney Fitzsimmons, 13, jostled his way to the robing cupboard after a Sunday evening service at Christ Church, […]

Whipping as penalty

UNITED KINGDOM Judicial CP – December 1947 Corpun file 8282 at www.corpun.com The Times, London, 11 December 1947 Amendments to new Bill From Our Parliamentary Correspondent Further amendments which have been tabled in the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Criminal Justice Bill seek to restore whipping as a punishment for male offenders. An amendment by Mr. […]

Boys Laugh, When Caned by Women, to ‘Keep Their Dignity’

Men Teachers Demanded for Them Click to enlarge “In schools where headmistresses inflict corporal punishment on boys of eight or nine, the lads all go out laughing at the punishment they receive because not one of them dare acknowledge that a woman could hurt a ‘man’ of nine. “If he acknowledged that he would have […]

Corporal Punishment.

Statement Issued by Mr. Paton. We have received the following copy of a letter addressed by Mr. J.L. Paton, the High Master of the Manchester Grammar School, to the parents of the boys at the school: Dear sir or madam, — I have obtained the permission of the Governors to circulate to all parents of […]

Deserters Get the Lash

The Mail and Empire, Toronto, Canada, 13 May 1899, p.13 Deserters Get the Lash.Punishment for Two British Sailors at Halifax. Halifax, N.S., May 12. — Two naval deserters from H.M. cruiser Comus were detected by military police boarding a steamer yesterday bound for New York, where they had intended joining the United States navy, being […]

Just Desserts

“Uhoh”, I thought. There was Aunt Jayne. “She’s looking for me, I just knew it!” I had been running around all day long trying to avoid her. She was mad as hell and with pretty good reason. I had flooded the bathroom again. Really bad this time. Phewwwww blowing a long stream of air from […]

Auntie Gege and the Camping Trip

I grew up in a Christian family and every summer our church had a weekly summer camp. This included many worship activities but also offered lots of time just to be around and play with kids from both my own church and others. For some reason in the summer when these events took place, both my […]


This esteemed forum already boasts a considerable number of threads, which I am sure cover every relevant aspect of the forum’s main topic and even diversify into other topics and issues. However I consider that it is sometimes beneficial, to encourage contributions , to start yet another one even though the topic may have been […]