Auntie Gege and the Camping Trip

I grew up in a Christian family and every summer our church had a weekly summer camp.

This included many worship activities but also offered lots of time just to be around and play with kids from both my own church and others.

For some reason in the summer when these events took place, both my parents had work commitments and were unable to attend the camp.

Thid made me very sad because I loved our times there.

Fortunately, one of my parent’s friends offered to take me along with her own family.

This was a lady from our church called Kirsten, though everyone called her Auntie Gege.

Auntie Gege and her eldest daughter had babysat me quite a lot, so we knew each other well.

Auntie Gege told my parents I could travel with her family, then have a tent of my own in the campground, eating with her and the girls at their summer house.

Naturally, my parents were delighted to accept the offer.

On the day of departure for camp, my mom reminded me to behave for Auntie Gege, adding that she had permission to spank my bottom if she felt it was needed.

After a two-hour drive, we arrived at the campground.

Auntie Gege went to prepare lunch with her youngest daughter, while I went with her eldest to set up my tent.

All of my regular camp friends thought it was really cool that I had my own tent and wanted to sleep with me there.

It was agreed that two of my best friends should do so.

We had a very good time – but we also made a lot of noise.

By the second day of camp, there were had been several complaints to Auntie Gege about our behavior.

After a club meeting on that day, I came back to my tent to find that Auntie Gege’s eldest daughter had taken it down.

She ordered me to follow her to where Auntie Gege was waiting in her car, and she drove us both back to the summer house.

Auntie Gege was not at all pleased with my behavior and scolded me all the way back.

When we got to the summer house, my tent was put back up, this time close by the house in the garden.

We had lunch, then Auntie Gege took me to her bedroom.

She lectured me further about my misbehavior and told me I was going to have a spanking for it.

That afternoon, we were due to visit a small farm with many different animals and a bouncy castle.

Auntie Gege offered me the choice of going over her knee right there and then, or waiting until bedtime.

I didn’t think it would be much fun at the farm with a sore, well-smacked bottom, so I chose the latter option.

We had a great afternoon at the farm, and after dinner, I was allowed to watch some TV with Auntie Gege and her two girls.

But when it turned nine o’clock, Auntie Gege announced that it was my bedtime.

I was ordered to put on my nightie and go brush my teeth.

After I had gotten ready for bed, Auntie Gege led me by the hand to her bedroom once again.

She sat down on her bed, pulled me close to her, and said

“Sarah, you have been a good girl for me this afternoon and I hope you continue to be a good girl.

However, I cannot overlook your previous misbehavior.

I promised you a good spanking, and that is now what you are going to get.”

Auntie Gege took me by the wrist and guided me down over her lap – a position I had been in many times before, of course.

Then she raised her hand and began spanking me.

Auntie Gege had a good, hard hand for naughty children and the spanking really hurt.

By about the fifth smack I was already in tears and after the tenth, I cried freely for the remainder of my punishment.

When the punishment was complete, I lay over Auntie Gege’s knee for a few minutes more, bawling and sobbing.

When my crying had softened sufficiently, Auntie Gege helped me back on my feet, hugged me, and told me that she loved me very much but that I had deserved my spanking.

She pulled down my nightie again to make me decent, then escorted me out to my tent in the garden, where I slept on my tummy for the night and softly cried myself to sleep from a mixture of pain and guilt.