Spanking charge teacher admits visiting sex websites

A college tutor accused of spanking some of his students admits he has visited corporal punishment websites.

Terry Carroll, of Stortford Hall Park, Bishops Stortford, Essex, says curiosity drove him to call up pornographic sites on his computer.

He insists he is only before London’s Snaresbrook Crown Court on charges of indecent assault because he occasionally had to “bully” students through their courses.

But he claims what he gets up to in his own home is his own affair, and does not mean there is any truth in the allegations made against him.

The 46-year-old teacher told the court that apart from one occasion when he “lost it” and angrily “clipped” one of those he is accused of attacking for not doing her work, he had never behaved unprofessionally.

As far as he is concerned he is the victim of a “bandwagon” conspiracy, largely because he had occasionally “been a bully” to get his teenage charges through their course.

However, he believes the motive behind the lies of his oldest alleged victim – an evening class student in her late twenties who claims Carroll told her she needed a “master” as he thrust his hand up her skirt – was his rejection of her amorous advances.

“I’m innocent,” he told the jury. “My career is now over. My life has been destroyed by this because I cared and that is the thing that gets me most.”

Carroll denies six sample counts of indecent assault and one of common assault involving the evening class student and day pupils aged 16 and 17.

They have variously claimed the teacher repeatedly spanked them and made suggestive comments over an 18 month period. One alleged that he would always tell her she had been a “bad girl” before bending her over his knee during one-to-one tutorials.