Candy Store Owner Part 2

It couldn’t have been more than 2 minutes later when I heard mom yelling at my two cousins downstairs in the living room.

I could hear the girls crying and pleading,

but I couldn’t hear what they were saying.

I listened hard and soon heard the distinctive sound of mom’s hand slapping someone’s bottom.

My corner time wasn’t up, but mom was busy and I was curious.

I tiptoed down the stairs to where I could peek around the corner at what was going on in the living room.

Mom had my younger cousin Mary across her lap.

Mom was spanking Mary’s little bottom hard with her hand.

Lauren was sitting on the couch looking very upset.

I knew Lauren was going to be exactly where Mary was soon.

My own bottom still burned, but I anticipated seeing my bossy cousin getting her seat spanked.

Mom hand spanked Mary’s until she was in floods of tears.

She kicked and cried the whole time.

Mom stopped and picked up her paddle.

Holding it against Mary’s already spanked backside, she asked her which one of them had the idea to steal from the store.

Mary said, “I don’t remember.”

Mom didn’t like her answer, so she launched into a volley of about ten really hard paddle swats.

When she stopped, Mary was crying really hard .

Mom laid the paddle against her butt and asked her again.

This time Mary cried out, “Lauren! It was all her idea!

She said we could do it and not get caught!”

Lauren yelled at Mary to shut up, but the truth was out.

Mom told Lauren she was in enough trouble, so she’d better hush up.

Then she asked Mary what she had taken, and if she was ever going to steal again.

Mary told her she’d taken a Hershey bar and, of course, that she’d never steal anything again.

Mom said something like “You’d better not!”, and delivered a final volley of hard hand spanks to Mary.

Mom stood the sobbing Mary on her feet, and sent her to the corner.

Then she turned her attention to Lauren.

I couldn’t see Lauren’s face from where I was, but I could tell from her voice that she was already in tears.

Mom scolded her sternly for stealing and setting a bad example for her sister and me to follow.

She said that she hadn’t decided yet whether to tell Lauren’s father about what happened.

Lauren cried at the thought of having her dad told, and begged mom to punish her and not say a word.

She promised to never steal again and take whatever punishment mom decided she deserved.

Mom said she’d get exactly what she deserved whether she willingly took it or not – then and later!

She said she had offered to bring us all over after the store closed

This was so that the owner could see for herself that we were properly punished.

The woman had accepted mom’s offer!

I didn’t like the sound of that, but I was so anxious to see Lauren get spanked, I didn’t care much right then.

Mom went on to say that since Lauren was the ringleader and the oldest, her spanking would be really bad.

She then called Lauren over.

Lauren was crying as she walked over to my mom, but I wasn’t looking at her face.

“Okay, Aunt Jean. I know I did wrong and deserve a spanking, but… Please don’t tell my dad.” Lauren said, hanging her head.

My mom didn’t answer.

Mom started right in with the paddle.

She smacked quickly and hard.

I craned my neck to see as much as I could while mom concentrated on tenderizing Lauren’s spanking.

Lauren always acted like a big, brave bully, but she turned out to be a big baby when she was getting her bottom spanked!

She started squirming and kicking right away, but mom held her tight and just kept paddling away.

Lauren screamed and cried harder with every whack.

I couldn’t believe how hard my mom was paddling or how red Lauren’s butt was.

Mom must have given her about forty hard smacks with the paddle before she finished with a very rapid volley of about ten swats.

Lauren was crying really hard and kicking her legs around.

Mom had pinned her arm behind her back while she paddled.

As soon she let go, Lauren jumped to her feet.

I desperately wanted to see more of the spanking.

However, I couldn’t risk being seen.

If mom found out I wasn’t in the corner like she’d commanded, I knew my butt would be redder then Laurens!

I ducked back around the corner and crawled back up the stairs.

Lauren was crying so hard that mom didn’t hear me.

I made it back to my corner in time to hear mom marching Lauren to a corner of her own.

Then mom yelled up the steps that I should come down.

I obeyed mom’s command to go outside and play.

Eventually, mom let the girls outside too.