Fathers Discipline

Another aspect of school-based corporal punishment is the often told prospect of a secondary punishment administered at home and as a direct result of the first punishment. The emotive phrase “wait till your father gets home” scenario. I wonder if on occasion when the teacher was unable to personally dish out a walloping,(for example schools where corporal punishment was less commonly used or where girls weren’t subject to physical discipline) whether a note was sent to the pupils home with the express purpose of resulting in just such a “wait till your father gets home” scenario wasn’t a common assurance?


I realize you introduced your thread in the context of girls being punished at home by their fathers for offenses committed at school. There are indeed references in other threads to just that happening, and I am quite sure that it did, and possibly still does. However, you need to remember that whatever anti-school CP campaigners may say the majority of real child abuse occurred and still occurs in the home, perpetrated by, or acquiesced to, by people close to the child. For that reason, I think that many people would be very uneasy about responding to a thread that is so specific.


I think you’ll find in most households it was Mother who dished out the corporal punishment. Which will tend to narrow your field in respondents.

I was at school from 1957-1970 & there was very little if any CP meted out at home as a result of CP at school.

A number of lady contributors on here have reported receiving CP at home-two from Mum, and 2 from Dad. None of those report receiving it for school-related “offenses”.


It always seemed to me that when my fellows at school talked of such things and wallopings at home it was the father who was the main figure of dread. And the mother who would utter the dread sentence “wait till your father gets home” This was the case with the few boys who I bunked with that still seemed to receive such hidings at home and in their cases if was often noted that they had large families often comprising of several brothers and more than one sisters.


I wouldn’t say your adolescent fantasies were totally off-beam at all. Just your bloody luck to be in a boys-only boarding school-meaning most of those whose sisters it didn’t happen to would pretend it did, and most of those whose sisters it did happen to probably got the same themselves & wouldn’t want to shout about it in such circumstances.

A quick trip through the memory banks from infants & primary tonight-at least 50 girls with whom I was either a class- or play-mate; of them, I can definitely think of 6, with 4 more possibles, who got smacked (usually hand if I remember)from Mum and/or Dad.

Most of these statistics were supplied around 50 years ago(I’m 58 by the way)and the usual supplier was a smirking brother. Trying to recall the parents isn’t so easy, but of those 6 definites, either parent looked, on collecting daughters from school, the smacking sort-don’t know about you, but primary schoolteachers were Always defined as smackers or non-smackers down our way & you could guess which correctly first time in their class.