Mrs Wilkins VIII

At first, the spanks were rather mild and added considerably to the warmth which coursed through his loins. She continued spanking him that way, moving in circles around his bottom for even coverage and letting her hand rest on his cheeks after each spank. Her thighs eventually opened, trapping his penis between them, before closing again. Caught between her silky flesh, his every response to his spanking became a kind of masturbation between her thighs. It wasn’t long before the inevitable happened and he began crying out urgently and shooting his cream all over her thighs.

Instead of scolding him, Mrs. Wilkins praised him for being her “good little man” while maintaining a steady stream of spanks throughout his climax. Only after he calmed down did she announce,

“That was just a little warm up spanking, Billy, to take care of your special problem. This is when your real spanking begins.” And it did. For the next fifteen minutes, Billy kicked and twisted like a ten year old as Mrs. Wilkins slowly painted his fanny bright red from top to bottom and from one hip to the other. While it hurt more than he expected, it was also the most exciting thing he had ever felt aside from his recent climax. She managed to spank him in a way which made him feel safe and loved and protected and masculine and desirable all at once.

On and on the spanking went, accompanied by a scolding one would have expected for a small child and which made Billy feel even more safe and secure. As the spanking progressed, he entered a little boy dream world where he felt free to tell Mrs. Wilkins his innermost thoughts. Before he knew it, he began blurting out all sorts of secret feelings. He told he how he she was the prettiest woman in the world, how he had envied Johnny for having her as his mother, how he didn’t mind that she still spanked Johnny when he was naughty, how he wished his mother still spanked him when he was bad, and so on.

In turn, Mrs. Wilkins played him like a fiddle, encouraging him to “tell Mommy Wilkins everything like a good little boy” while drawing him along with more compliments about how handsome he had become and how spankable his bottom was.

Billy’s first spanking that summer lasted almost twenty five minutes including the preliminary scolding and the warm-up spanking to take care of his “problem.” In the end, he was crying just like she promised, though it was more tears of emotional release than anything else. Afterwards, Mrs. Wilkins sat him up on her lap and held him against her heavy breasts until he stopped crying. He hugged her tightly, overcome with feelings of love and reassurance. In the middle of that hug, Mrs Wilkins said,

“Billy, it’s clear to me that you’re going to need more regular discipline this summer than I first thought. And I’m going to make sure you get it. As you know, Jimmy has tennis lessons twice a week. After he leaves, Mommy Wilkins is going to take you to the basement whether you’ve been naughty or not and give you another spanking. I think regular bare bottom sessions over my knee are going to do you a lot of good. Now give Mommy Wilkins a nice kiss.”

Billy turned his head and kissed Mrs. Wilkins, as it turned out, full on the lips. While he had expected nothing more than a kiss of reconciliation, it turned into an long, sensual kiss which far exceeded anything he had ever experienced. After about two minutes of kissing, Billy began to feel dizzy again. And when Mrs. Wilkins took one of his hands and placed it directly on a full breast, he thought he had died and gone to heaven. He wasted no time fondling her with both hands, encouraged by the sighs of pleasure she gave with every squeeze.

This went on for another few minutes until Mrs. Wilkins reached under her cotton jersey and unclipped her brassiere in front without breaking off their kiss. For the first time in his life, Billy’s hands were full of naked breast flesh. Eager to see what his hands were enjoying, he worked her jersey up over her breasts. And when her nipples came into view, he broke off the kiss and began suckling for dear life. With another erection poking up, Mrs. Wilkins put her own soft hands to work.

“Young man, you need me to take care of this, don’t you.”

Billy nodded, his head still buried in her lush tits.

She continued to nurse and stroke him for another ten minutes before saying,

“Stand up Billy. I’ve got a little surprise for you”.

Something about the husky urgency in her voice electrified Billy and he complied immediately. As he stood between her thighs, his penis stuck straight into her face. And before he could say or do anything, she bent her head forward and took him into her mouth while holding him firmly in place with both hands on his bottom. Billy almost fainted as he rapidly experienced his second climax of the day.

Given the unbelievable turn of events that day, Billy couldn’t wait for Johnny to go to his next tennis lesson two days later. Mrs Wilkins had on a tennis outfit herself that morning, in part to torment poor Billy. After Johnny finished breakfast and went upstairs to get dressed, Mrs Wilkins began putting away a load of clean dishes from the dishwasher. And every time she bent over to put a dish away in a lower drawer, her short tennis skirt came up and showed her entire bottom encased in pretty ruffled white panties. By the time she finished putting away the clean dishes and putting a full sink of dirty ones into the dishwasher, Billy was throbbing inside his pyjamas.

Not long after Johnny departed for his tennis lesson, Mrs. Wilkins finished doing the dishes and turned to look at Billy.

“What’s wrong, child? You look flushed? Are you sick?”

“No, Mrs. Wilkins. I’m fine … really I am.”.

“I’ll be the judge of that. Let’s see how you feel.”

Feeling his forehead, she remarked:

“You seem a bit feverish, young man. Why don’t we take you upstairs and take your temperature. Come on, give me your hand.”

She took him by the hand and led him upstairs.

Along the way he continued telling her he was fine but allowed himself to be led to her bedroom wondering what was really going to happen. When she disappeared into the bathroom and reappeared a minute later carrying a thermometer and a jar of Vaseline, he realized she had other plans.

“Please, Mrs. Wilkins, you can use a grown up thermometer with me … really. I’m too old for that.”

“Nonsense, young man, Any sixteen year old who isn’t too old to be spanked on his bare fanny across my knee is not too old for a child’s thermometer. Now hush unless you want me to take your temperature this way downstairs in the living room.”

Billy gave in, his strength suddenly drained from his body. As she sat down on her bed, placed the thermometer to the side and began undoing his pants, Billy felt as if it were happening to someone else and he was watching from the side. His pants were quickly unzipped and lowered to his feet so he could step out of them. Then his underpants came down, snagging on his erection for a moment until her warm hand grasped him firmly and took care of that. He knew enough to step out of them this time

Since she was wearing a short tennis skirt, there was nothing to move out of the way. Placing her right hand in the small of his back, Mrs Wilkins pushed him until he fell over her thighs, his upper torso coming to rest comfortably on the soft bedding. He then heard her open the jar of vaseline. Moments later, her warm fingers were prying open his buttocks and then he felt a warm, heavily vaselined finger sliding deep between his cheeks to rub up and down against his rectum. After a few minutes, the finger tipped into him, at first just a little, and then further, moving slowly, stickily, in and out, penetrating him a little further each time until finally the whole slippery finger ran slowly in and out. It felt as if his whole body were attached to that finger. By then, he was openly, shamelessly thrusting against her thighs and moaning softly every time her finger moved. Eventually the heat building up inside of him was too much. It spread all over his body, catching him up in a liquid fire which ended in a series of spasms as he jetted hot sperm all over her thighs for the second time in a week.

Only then did she put the thermometer in, holding it in place with her hand cupping his fanny the whole time. Then she pulled it out and wiped him with some tissues.

“Ah, I thought so … healthy as an ox. And that brings us to our other little matter, Billy. I could take you downstairs for the spanking you have coming or I could give it to you right here since I have you all ready over my lap. Since all the windows are closed, I think I’ll take care of you right here today.

And with that, Mrs Wilkins began Billy’s second spanking. This time, it didn’t take long before he was crying openly, without embarrassment. There seemed no point in holding back and trying to act brave. After that vaselining and the experience of spending on her thighs, Billy knew the spanking was something else he wanted and needed, even if it was going to hurt. And so he began crying like a little boy almost from the start, crying freely and without restraint with his face buried in the blankets to muffle the sound. The loudest thing in the room was the sound of a maternal hand spanking a very bare bottom accompanied by a gentle yet firm scolding which commented on the spanks and made each one seem special.

This time, Mommy Wilkins spanked him for ten minutes before turning him over and sliding him down so his head was cradled in her lap against her bosom. Immediately he stopped crying and began suckling through her blouse. After a few moments, she lifted the fabric and did the frontal clasp of her bra so her 43DD breasts could spill out over his face.

Once again, the young man’s loins stirred to new life and once again Mrs Wilkins bent her head down and took him expertly into his mouth. This time, she also reached a finger into his still vaselined bottom and gave him an even more wrenching orgasm, her full breasts in his mouth the whole time.

By the time Johnny returned, Billy was back downstairs in the living room, finishing his book. Mrs. Wilkins was off at the tennis club. Later, after Johnny got back, the two boys went off to the club for lunch. As he was having a burger, Johnny looked off at the beach and saw Mrs. Wilkins lying on a beach towel talking with Belinda. The two woman glanced over at Billy and continued talking in a way that made Billy think he was the subject of their conversation. The sight sent shivers down his spine.

That night after the dinner dished were done, Mrs. Wilkins asked Johnny and Billy to come into the living room for a minute. They looked at each other nervously before accompanying her into the room.

“Have a seat, children. There’s something I want to talk to you about.” Already there was an ominous edge to her voice.

“I ran into Belinda today at the club and she had a very interesting story to tell me about what you two were up to yesterday at the beach when you should have been home mowing.”

Again Johnny and Billy exchanged knowing glances. So Belinda had talked after all.

“As you both know, I do not tolerate underage drinking by anyone in this house. What do you boys have to say for yourselves?”

What could they have said? Any excuses or denials would have only made things worse. Instead, both boys just looked silently at the rug; Their red faces said it all.

“Johnny, I thought you would have set a better example for your friend. And Billy, I thought you had been raised better to know not to break the law. What if a policeman had caught you two drinking beer? What would I have told your mother? Don’t you see how you were jeopardizing your whole summer and the chance to come back here again? I think you boys both need a chat with me in the basement. And then you will both be going to bed early? Do you understand me?”

“Mom, please, can’t you ground me or something?”

“Would you really prefer to be grounded for a week, Johnny? Would you? And what about you, Billy? I’m willing to ground you both for this but it would have to be for a week.”

Once again the boys looked at each other and resumed staring at the carpet. Clearly a week of grounding was much worse than a chat in the basement.

“I thought so. Well then, I think we’ll start with you, Johnny, since you’re a year older and should know better as the host. Come along then. We might as well go downstairs right now. Billy, you wait here until I send Johnny up to bed.”

With that, Mrs. Wilkins got up and took her hapless son by the arm and marched him across the room and down the stairs, this time leaving the basement door ajar. Thus it was possible for Billy to hear everything as they clumped down the stairs. He even heard the chair scrape against the floor as Mrs Wilkins sat down. And he heard every word of the long scolding which followed. Though he could see nothing, he knew Johnny’s pants were being taken down during his scolding. And while Johnny was obviously trying to be brave by avoiding any protests, Billy knew that wouldn’t last long.