Remembrance II

George Miles arrived home on Thursday night, after a long but successful business trip. He enters his home and is surprised to see the TV on in the den, but is puzzled that nobody is watching it. He then hears some commotion coming from upstairs.   Upon entering the master bedroom, George is greeted by the sight of his wife Becky giving their 11 year old son Jim a spanking. Becky looks up briefly to give her husband a welcome home smile, but quickly returns to the task at hand. Becky is seated in the middle on the edge of the bed, with Jim firmly in place over her lap, his pants and shorts at the ankles. Becky is applying her wooden hairbrush to her son’s quivering bare bottom. As she applies the hairbrush, alternating between one red cheek at a time, George sits down in a chair across from the bed and unknots his tie. George find himself a little nervous watching his son get a good firm spanking on his bare bottom. George of course had spanked Jim before, but since he did a lot of traveling, it was his wife Becky that usually took care of discipling Jim and his younger sister, Stephanie. George then realized that it had been over a couple of years since he had watched his wife spank one of the kids. From George’s viewpoint, he now noticed just how exposed a boy is when laid over his mother’s lap receiving a bare bottom spanking. Jim’s bare buttocks and the rear of his testicles were visible to his mom as she continued to spank her son’s naughty bottom. Jim’s penis was visible to George as it dangled between his mother’s parted thighs. Jim now noted something else. As his wife continued smacking Jim’s bottom with good firm strokes of her right hand, it caused her ample breasts to peak out from under the bodice of her low cut nightgown. Some of the smacks were sufficiently hard that George saw glimpses of his wife’s large dark nipples. This sight was now too much for George, and he sensed a long repressed memory resurging to his senses. He was about 10 years old at the time. Spending part of his summer vacation with his Aunt Nancy while his parents took an extended vacation. Young George had just returned from a trip to the store for his Aunt and not being able to find her in the kitchen wandered through the house looking for her. He then notices the door to Aunt Nancy’s bedroom cracked open and peers in. He is greeted to the site of Aunt Nancy, bare from the shoulders to the waist, breast-feeding her three month old daughter, Karen. George is mesmerized at the sight, but a minute later, presses too hard against the bedroom door and it swings open. Aunt Nancy lets out a low scream and quickly orders George to close the door and wait in his room. George waits nervously in his room, still excited about having seen his Aunt’s breasts, but also wondering if there would be a price to pay. About 15 minutes later, a furious Aunt Nancy enters the room and gives George a stern lecture about intruding on people’s privacy. Finally, Aunt Nancy concluded her lecture by informing her nephew that he is to be spanked and begins to unfasten his pants. Seconds later, she slips George’s shorts down, leaving him bare from the waist down. Aunt Nancy then took the belt from his pants and doubled it up. Aunt Nancy then orders her errant nephew to bend over the bed, with his legs apart, so that the belt will felt on the most tender regions of his buttocks. George soon felt the first of what was to be 30 lashes on his bare bottom. The belt really stung and George was quickly in tears. However, since he tries to focus on the memory of seeing his Aunt breast-feeding his baby cousin, he soon finds that his thoughts along with the friction of his young manhood rubbing against the bedspread is bringing him a state of pleasure he has never known before. Suddenly, George is jolted out of his memory state as his wife Becky has finished spanking Jim and is now greeting him with a hug and kiss. Becky senses something is up and asks her husband if everything is OK. George hesitates, then no longer able to hold back, relates the story of the spanking from his Aunt Nancy. George is fearful for a moment, not having any idea how his wife would react, but Becky soon nods her head reassuringly, holding her husband’s hand. After a few seconds of silence, Becky point blank asks George if he would like to be spanked. George quickly replies affirmatively. Within a minute, Becky has taken her husband’s pants and shorts down, and now has him in the same state as her son was in only shortly before. Becky quickly applies the hairbrush and immediately notices the release of tension in her husband. Within two minutes, George arches back and turns his neck so Becky can see the smile on his face as he erupts in ecstasy. Becky smiles back too, harboring her secret that she would now have the pleasure of spanking both her son and husband.