Mrs Wilkins IX

It didn’t. Suddenly the familiar sound of a maternal hand on a bare bottom began ringing up from the basement. Even before that, Billy was hard. With the sound of Johnny’s spanking coming up from the basement, he positively throbbed in his pants. Although Johnny must have struggled hard to avoid crying, his resistance seemed to ebb after three or four minutes. At first, it was a series of cries coinciding with each spank. Gradually, the cries grew more lengthy and frequent, whether a spank had just landed or not until they blended into each other in a more or less continuous crying. By the time the spanking neared the ten minute mark, Johnny had lost all dignity and succumbed to a steady bawling which sounded shockingly juvenile and completely natural at the same time. At least, it sounded that way to Billy. One side of him still had trouble accepting the fact that Mrs Wilkins’ used spankings to discipline her seventeen-year old son. Yet he also at a deep, almost instinctive level how effective such discipline was for a teenager. To allow a loving maternal figure to take complete control and put you over her knee for a sound spanking on your bare bottom brought out a private side of Billy’s psyche which he kept hidden even from himself most of the time. It was a side which longed to avoid the terrible new stresses and responsibilities of adolescence, which retreated in private moments, usually just before falling asleep, into dreams of earlier times. It was this side of Billy which understood how perfectly natural it was even for a sixteen or seventeen year old boy to cry like a baby during a sound spanking across the maternal lap, how crying itself allowed an incredible emotional release which left Billy feeling completely purged and peaceful after the spanking was over and the kisses and hugging had begun. To cry freely as Johnny was now crying was to find that secret place in one’s psyche where one reconnected with the loving mother figure and bonded at a level which wove a kind of physical intimacy with the deepest feelings. By the time Mrs Wilkins finished spanking Johnny, Billy had drifted off into a little boy dream world, his own impending spanking hovering over him like a demon and an angel. His reveries were interrupted by the sound of Johnny trudging up the steps. Adjusting his clothing to hide his erection, Billy straightened up and greeted a sniffling, red-eyed Johnny with a nod as he entered the room carrying his shoes and socks. Once again, Johnny avoided his gaze and headed straight up to his room. Billy was grateful to hear Johnny close the door to his room. Mrs Wilkins did not keep Billy waiting. No sooner than Johnny had disappeared to his room, Mrs Wilkins called Billy down. He got up, trembling, and went through the basement door, closing it tightly behind him. Even though he had just heard Johnny cry like a baby, he still didn’t want Johnny to hear him do the same. As he reached the landing, Mrs Wilkins crooked her finger over at him fro the chair and said in a soft voice, “Come over here, young man. Tonight you are not going to get anything special – just a good, hard spanking to teach you a lesson about drinking.” Billy gulped and felt the blood drain from his loins. This was not what he had wanted. It was one thing to listen to someone else’s spanking from a distance, wrapped up in a world of fantasy untroubled by the reality of the experience. It was another thing altogether to face a real spanking from a woman who was intent only on lighting a fire in his fanny. “Stand there, child, while I get these pants down. I think I’m going to undress you completely below the waist for this spanking so you feel even more childish.” So that’s why Johnny was carrying his shoes, Billy thought. He stood there helplessly while she bent down and removed his shoes and socks before sliding his pants down and off. Next came his underpants. This time, there was no erection. To make matters worse, Mrs Wilkins tool Billy over her left thigh and held him tightly in place by wrapping her right leg around the backs of his legs. “If you try to break free young man, I will get a handkerchief and restrain your hands and then use a paddle. Are we clear?” All he could do was nod miserably from six inches above the floor. The spanking started out vigorously, hard and fast, with six spanks at a time on the same cheek before switching to the other. It was clear from the start this was to be a disciplinary spanking and he was going to stay put until she decided he had learned his lesson. Unlike Johnny, Billy gave in fairly quickly and began crying. One side of him hoped for mercy by crying. The other side cried because it had no choice, cried because he was getting soundly spanked like a little boy and crying was the only response that was possible under the circumstances. He tried reaching back with his right hand but she quickly held it firmly in the mall of his back and continued lighting a fire in his fanny. By the five minute mark, his bottom was blazing red and Billy was sobbing uncontrollably and incoherently an he twisted back and forth on her lap, bouncing up and down yet held securely in the vice grip of Mrs Wilkins’s thighs. She paused somewhere around then and began scolding and questioning him again for a few minutes. And for that he was extremely grateful, even though he knew she was not finished with him by any means. At least he was able to get his crying under control and promise never to drink gain until he was eighteen and so on. She also told him that he was taking his spanking very well and that she wouldn’t need to use the paddle on him after all. And then she made him tell her how “naughty” he had been and ask for the rest of his spanking. As soon as he did, she launched into another seemingly endless round of spanks which left Billy’s rear deep red from side to side and top to bottom. She even spanked the tops of his thighs. By the time she stopped, it took Billy a full five minutes to stop crying, during which time she kept him lying over her lap and stroked his blistered bottom softly to reduce the sting. And to make sure he understood how his spanking was given out of love, Mrs Wilkins eventually sat the crying child on her lap and have him a long hug against the soft, reassuring pillows of her breasts, rocking him there until he stopped crying and hugged her back. Because Billy was still in a state of shock, Mrs Wilkins had him lie on the rug while she slipped his underpants and pants back on as if he were a toddler unable to dress himself. Only then she did escort him upstairs, all the way to Johnny’s room where Johnny was already in bed in his pjs with the lights out. She then undressed Billy and put on his pjs and put his to bed right in front of Johnny as if she were handling a small child. After the sound spanking each boy had just received, neither one found this strange. She then gave each child a good night kiss before leaving for her own room