Remebrance III

Grab it tightly now. Think back to that warm summer afternoon so many years ago……. You were 11 years old. Layed over your stepmom’s lap with your bare bottom exposed. Receiving the sting and bite of 30 smacks from a wooden hairbrush. Your stepmom had come home from a tennis match and caught you making crank phone calls. No time was wasted as she dragged you to your room, stopping only to grab the hairbrush from the bathroom vanity. You plead not to be spanked, but your stepmom only gives you two choices. Be spanked now or have your father do it when he comes home. You acquiesce with your stepmom’s demands. You hang your head in shame as your pants and shorts are lowered to your ankles and your penis and buttocks are now exposed in front of your stepmom. It’s not the first time you have been spanked and you dread what’s coming to you. There is a brief moment of silence as you are positioned over your stepmom’s lap and your t-shirt is raised, leaving your bare buttocks completely at the mercy and fury of your stepmom’s right arm and hairbrush. The tears come quickly as the first hard blows rain down on your unprotected bottom. But then you notice something different. Something you have not felt before when spanked. Your stepmom’s short tennis skirt has ridden up during the spanking. Your penis is rubbing against her bare thighs. You are in pain shedding tears. But, you ask yourself, am I not feeling a pleasurable sensation in my groin? You soon realize that despite the pain and humiliation, you like the sensation in your penis. You notice too how the air stirs around the rear of your exposed testicles as your stepmom smacks the hairbrush into your buttocks over and over. Finally, the hairbrush is put down. Your stepmom pulls you off her lap and leads you over to the mirror on your closet door. She forces you to look at your deep red bottom in the mirror. She then sits back down on the bed, lecturing and watching you as you rub your sore bottom. You notice the wry grin on her face as she casually glances at your young manhood. In the past, this only made you more upset when punished, but today for some strange reason, you find your exposure intriguing. Years later, you would figure out that your stepmom relished each opportunity she had to spank you. You also come to realize that your stepmom was actually quite atractive and you enjoyed being over her lap. But this day, all you know as she finally leaves the room, leaving you to continue rubbing your sore buttocks, is that you have an urge not known before to stroke your penis as well. You are pleasantly surprised that your member hardens as you lovingly stroke it, noticing how pleasure has slowly superseded the pain felt only moments before. Finally, you reach that point where you feel like your going to explode, but can’t stop. Then you feel a warm feeling, not known before, as you erupt for the first time…. You are now back in the present, furiously reliving that moment and others that followed, finally arching back and crying out the name of your stepmom as the pleasure of your experiences are felt once again.