Aunt Betsy IV

“Billy, though I’m glad to see you are not sick, I’m shocked at how you have reacted to this thermometer. It sometimes happens with Billy as well. Of course, when he really does have a fever, it’s not fair to punish him for such naughtiness and the same would hold true for you. But if he’s well, that’s a different story. Since you know I believe in firmly correcting bad little boys and since you’re being very, very bad right now, you’re going to get that spanking I’ve been promising. Normally I would put you into jammies first but since I don’t want to disturb Tommy’s nap, we’ll have to postpone that until he gets up. Then it’s a quick dinner for both of you and right back to bed after a final, bedtime spanking. I find Tommy learns much more from an early bedtime if it comes with a warm bottom, even after he’s already been spanked earlier that day. And your mother has told me how well the same thing works with you. Now please don’t give your auntie any trouble because it will only make things worse. If there’s one thing I won’t tolerate in this house, it’s boys fussing like babies when they’re about to get spanked. Tommy knows what to expect if he puts up too much of a fuss or tries to get off my lap. He goes into diapers and plastic pants for the rest of the day. Would you like me to try diaper discipline on you? We’ve got the whole weekend ahead of us.” After what I’d been through the last twenty minutes, I was completely unable to protest this new turn of events and I frantically shook my head. Already I was crying softly and had been from the moment Aunt Betsy had announced her new plans for me. It was as if the gates to pent-up emotions had been opened and the knowledge that I was about to be spanked allowed me to release certain feelings. Recognizing this as the passive, pre-spanking crying that it was, Aunt Betsy went about her preparations, shifting me off the bed and further over on her lap so that my head hung down near the rug. Only then did she begin the spanking itself. Like Tommy, and every other naughty child getting spanked, my cries immediately became sharper and more earnest. “Young man, if you don’t keep that squalling down, you’re going to wake Tommy from his nap. And if that happens, you’ll be going to bed early tomorrow with afternoon naps tomorrow and Sunday. Of course, all naps and early bedtimes in this house come with a good bottom warming. You’ll also be well diapered under your jammies. Now lower your voice unless you want to spend the whole weekend over my knee.” Fortunately Aunt Betsy wasn’t spanking me that hard and I was able to comply to a certain extent. It also helped to bury my face in the bedding. True to her word, the spanking was not as long as Tommy’s though she did stop halfway and make me ask for the rest of it. Long before then, my “problem” in front had completely subsided so that I felt no shame when Aunt Betsy eventually lifted me up from her knees, sat me back on her lap with my pants still tangled around my ankles, and held me close with comforting words. “There, there, Billy. It’s all over now. Your spanking is finished. You really were a brave boy the way you took your first spanking. It wasn’t that bad, was it? Are you going to be a good boy for Aunt Betsy from now on?” When I nodded, still crying into her shoulder, she continued: “I thought so, Billy. It’s clear you needed that spanking a lot and that you’ve learned a good lesson. Now if you don’t want more spankings from me, all you have to do is mind your aunt and stay out of trouble at school. You know what will happen to you if you don’t behave, don’t you? You’re going to go back over my knee every time you act up, just like Tommy. Is that clear, young man? It’s obvious you still need regular spankings to help keep you in line and your aunt Betsy is going to take care of that for your mother from now on.” After wiping away my tears and kissing me, she stood me on my feet, rubbed some more of the sting away from my fanny, and pulled up underpants and my pants. “Now do you promise to be a good boy for the rest of the weekend?” “Yes, Aunt Betsy”, I replied through my tears. “Good. It’s all to clear to me you are one of these immature boys like Tommy who needs regular discipline. I gather your mother has never used diaper discipline on you but she did say I should try it if I think it might help. Tommy hates being diapered, especially when I go out for the evening and leave his baby sitter, Kathy, in charge. He always needs changing by bedtime and by then he usually has a spanking coming from her as well. At the time, the full implications of this didn’t register with me. I was too busy nursing a sore bottom and being comforted by my aunt’s soothing words and caresses. A few hours later, we went in later to wake Billy and I found myself changed into punishment jammies just like him. Yet instead of humiliation, I felt strangely secure in my new outfit, secure because it matched Billy’s and made me feel I was now completely part of Aunt Betsy’s home, all the way down to the warm glow of my bottom. Billy too seemed less embarrassed by his spanking and sleeper suit once he saw me dressed the same way. After dinner, Tommy and I cleared the table and did the dishes as expected, all the while exchanging silent but knowing glances. When the whole kitchen was spotless, we reported to Aunt Betsy who was knitting quietly on the sofa in the living room. Although I was embarrassed standing before her dressed in toddler jammies, I was even more red-faced when I had to repeat Tommy’s formal request. “I’m sorry I was such a naughty boy today, Aunt Betsy. I’m ready for the rest of my spanking now.” Despite my embarrassment, the thought of going over Aunt Betsy’s lap again was no longer terrifying. After all, I would have Billy right there to share the punishment this time. And however much the second spanking might smart, Billy and I would both drift off to sleep afterwards with warm fannies, snug in our jammies in a house where naughty children were as well punished as they were loved.