The Plimsol or The Slipper

I’d be interested to know which of the above – plimsoll or carpet slipper – most people thought was more effective or painful to receive. I was talking about this to my wife the other night and I was saying that at school I had the plimsoll and at home the slipper and thought the […]

CP and the end of the Age of Innocence

There is a popular caveat repeated often on reality television here that says don’t try this at home. It certainly applies here to the half-dozen posting in a mainstream publication. Some of this information may seem irrevelant and others who have no interest in the American Way may find it yawnable but I hope some […]

Then and Now

After visiting with some friends/relatives back in my day, I was able to get some of them to talk about school punishments now versus ones back in our time here in the South.   These discussions as well as some of the things I have read online including this site has been enlightening.  One of […]

Too Old For Spanking?

I was not spanked beyond age 10.  However, when I was 11 and 12 I remember being given the occasional threat of a spanking.  So, the possibility was still there, but I never needed to actually get it after 10 years old.  Once I became a teenager, I can hardly remember being disciplined at all, […]

Male students – Canings from a Female Teacher

When I was 15 years old, I had a boyfriend who was one year older than me. They had a pretty young female teacher Latin, she was at her late twenties. One day he received a six of the best caning of her that he never forgot. He said that this was the most painful […]

The Slipper Remembered

I attended a boys’ grammar school in the North of England in the 1960s.Corporal punishment was widely used.Most of the teachers used the slipper, while the headmaster and deputy head used the cane.The majority of teachers were male and although we had more women teachers later, at the time in question when I was 14, […]

Having to wait for the Slipper

What is the longest anyone has had to wait between the announcement of punishment and its ‘execution’? I read a long time ago of someone who was told on a Friday that he was going to get the slipper for some misdemeanor, but that it was going to wait until Monday morning. So the poor […]

Miss Howse & her Slipper

It was 1959. I was eight and in my last term at primary school before moving on to the lower school of a large boys’ grammar. My friend Valerie and I were playing a silly game in class, paying no attention to the lesson. The game involved each of us in turn holding up a […]

Fun Slippering

The phrase ‘Fun Slippering’ sometimes occurs in messages to this board. I have not heard the expression before, and am wondering if anyone can give me a definition. Also, recollections of the great exponents of Fun Slippering (I think the words merit capital letters) would make interesting reading. From what I have seen here, it […]

The Painful Truth

Not so long ago, I lost my parents, and I had the unenviable task of clearing their lifetime’s possessions. In a box, I discovered some old school reports of mine. Among the papers and a dreadful school photo was a letter, written by my old junior school headmistress. I had no idea my parents kept […]

Chatterbox Chastised

I was a real chatterbox in school, particularly during my primary years, and my talking in class frequently got me into trouble with teachers. One day, when I was in the second year of primary (so six years old), I got told off several times by Miss Moore, my teacher, but kept whispering to my […]

Discipline at Home & School

I read with interest a lot of the comments and remarks on the subject of corporal punishment Like a lot of people, I too can offer some personal experiences. This is particularly true on the subject of slippering. I attended a mixed school in the nineteen sixties in the UK. Back then most schools still […]

Old School Thoughts on Discipline

Due to my abiding interest in corporal punishment, I do find myself visiting a number of websites related to the subject. There are those who have a keen interest in CP and experienced it without regrets as a child. In my experience, these people tend to be older and were at school in the days […]

The Mean Girls

This story was one my mom shared with me when I was older, and it took place shortly after my parents got married and before my oldest brother was born – probably in 1974 or 1975. My mom had been a teacher for a couple of years, and she taught 6th grade (all subjects) at […]

My Encounters at Boarding School in the 1960s Part3

At the weekend Julie and I received permission to go into the local town and to stay there for the evening performance of Macbeth at the local theatre group, as this was part of our A-level English Lit exams. The rest of the girls had been able to go to the matinee performance on a […]

My Encounters at Boarding School in the 1960s Part2

Because of not being a head girl or deputy head girl I could not change in our own office and everybody would see the six lines across my bottom and the bruising left by the two slipperings. Julie tried to cheer me up saying just to laugh off the comments. As we both dressed ready […]

My Encounters at Boarding School in the 1960s Part 1

In my formative years in the 1960s I was sent to boarding school in the South of England. I was assigned to my class and introduced to one of the upper sixth prefects who took us all, twenty girls, for a tour of the school. We were told that as today was our first day […]

Why Mikey Likes Eating At Home II

Despite the fact that her kids were arguing all day, Sandy took them out to dinner at the steak place because she didn’t feel like cooking. She hated the summer, and wondered why there wasn’t school all year long. A single mother, Sandy had a great job in advertising that permitted her to work more […]