Another Dose a Few Days Later?

Did anyone experience this? When you got beaten with a cane then had to endure the same punishment a few days later along the same lines…. I have heard this is excruciating as the skin hasn’t healed anywhere near properly. Surely possibly more painful than just the original initial beating. Also, was anyone told if […]

Public/ Private School Beatings in U.K

I am very interested to know if anyone was ‘beaten’ during the 1950s-60s at a UK public or private school? I generally know they were a lot worse at these schools and the further back you go the beatings were worse at these institutions. My real life story is that I had 12 strokes of […]

Are Females Sadistic

The recent post from ‘well disciplined’ prompted me to dwell on my experiance of being sent to the head by a female teacher.Although his post bears no relationship to my visits for punishment, the fact that a young lady had ‘sentenced me to be caned’ by sending me to the heads office and having to […]

CP and the end of the Age of Innocence

There is a popular caveat repeated often on reality television here that says don’t try this at home. It certainly applies here to the half-dozen posting in a mainstream publication. Some of this information may seem irrevelant and others who have no interest in the American Way may find it yawnable but I hope some […]