Boys Corporally Punished by Women Teachers

Were any posters here ever given the cane or the slipper by a woman teacher, or do they know of others boys who were? Apart from the occasional reference on Friendsreunited to cane- or slipper-wielding female teachers I am assuming this was a rare practise, at least in secondary schools. ————————— I got the slipper […]

Curious Punishments of Bygone Days

Dunce caps were a part of school disciplinary policies up until 50 years ago in the USA. It’s left a lasting impression. The Dunce Cap and facing the wall is still a part of our culture. Would a scene like this happen in a UK office? ——————————— It’s good to see integration on the tour […]

Witnessing Punishment

Whilst it certainly was humiliating to be punished in class in front of other pupils, I felt it was also humiliating to witness the punishment. If it was a severe punishment, such as a caning, I used to look away. I always felt sorry for the person being caned, especially if it was for a […]

Aunty Janet takes Matters into her Own Hands

Many years ago, much to the annoyance of my mother, I used to run upstairs to my bedroom most evenings after school to change into my football kit. I usually ignored her warning of ‘do you want a smacked bottom?’ as she rarely put me over her knee when I was being naughty. However, one […]

The Slipper Remembered

I attended a boys’ grammar school in the North of England in the 1960s.Corporal punishment was widely used.Most of the teachers used the slipper, while the headmaster and deputy head used the cane.The majority of teachers were male and although we had more women teachers later, at the time in question when I was 14, […]

Discipline at Home & School

I read with interest a lot of the comments and remarks on the subject of corporal punishment Like a lot of people, I too can offer some personal experiences. This is particularly true on the subject of slippering. I attended a mixed school in the nineteen sixties in the UK. Back then most schools still […]

My Encounters at Boarding School in the 1960s Part2

Because of not being a head girl or deputy head girl I could not change in our own office and everybody would see the six lines across my bottom and the bruising left by the two slipperings. Julie tried to cheer me up saying just to laugh off the comments. As we both dressed ready […]

Why Mikey Likes Eating At Home II

Despite the fact that her kids were arguing all day, Sandy took them out to dinner at the steak place because she didn’t feel like cooking. She hated the summer, and wondered why there wasn’t school all year long. A single mother, Sandy had a great job in advertising that permitted her to work more […]