Bring back cane is the call

The majority of parents support the need for the cane as a punishment in senior schools. This was the clear feeling at a “talk about” at King Ethelbert School, Birchington on Thursday. The cane is used at the school in few extreme cases. Headmaster Mr George Teasdale said after the meeting, which was attended by […]

Schoolboy flogging charge fails

Dormitory Whipping Mother’s Summons Dismissed By a majority verdict, Ealing (London) magistrates yesterday dismissed a summons against a headmaster who was accused of brutality in the caning of a nine- year-old boy. The headmaster is Mr. S. de Moyse Bucknall, principal of Harrow View House Preparatory School, Ealing, and he was summoned by Mrs. Mona […]

Another Dose a Few Days Later?

Did anyone experience this? When you got beaten with a cane then had to endure the same punishment a few days later along the same lines…. I have heard this is excruciating as the skin hasn’t healed anywhere near properly. Surely possibly more painful than just the original initial beating. Also, was anyone told if […]

Public/ Private School Beatings in U.K

I am very interested to know if anyone was ‘beaten’ during the 1950s-60s at a UK public or private school? I generally know they were a lot worse at these schools and the further back you go the beatings were worse at these institutions. My real life story is that I had 12 strokes of […]

Are Females Sadistic

The recent post from ‘well disciplined’ prompted me to dwell on my experiance of being sent to the head by a female teacher.Although his post bears no relationship to my visits for punishment, the fact that a young lady had ‘sentenced me to be caned’ by sending me to the heads office and having to […]

CP and the end of the Age of Innocence

There is a popular caveat repeated often on reality television here that says don’t try this at home. It certainly applies here to the half-dozen posting in a mainstream publication. Some of this information may seem irrevelant and others who have no interest in the American Way may find it yawnable but I hope some […]

Then and Now

After visiting with some friends/relatives back in my day, I was able to get some of them to talk about school punishments now versus ones back in our time here in the South.   These discussions as well as some of the things I have read online including this site has been enlightening.  One of […]

Boys Corporally Punished by Women Teachers

Were any posters here ever given the cane or the slipper by a woman teacher, or do they know of others boys who were? Apart from the occasional reference on Friendsreunited to cane- or slipper-wielding female teachers I am assuming this was a rare practise, at least in secondary schools. ————————— I got the slipper […]

Curious Punishments of Bygone Days

Dunce caps were a part of school disciplinary policies up until 50 years ago in the USA. It’s left a lasting impression. The Dunce Cap and facing the wall is still a part of our culture. Would a scene like this happen in a UK office? ——————————— It’s good to see integration on the tour […]

Witnessing Punishment

Whilst it certainly was humiliating to be punished in class in front of other pupils, I felt it was also humiliating to witness the punishment. If it was a severe punishment, such as a caning, I used to look away. I always felt sorry for the person being caned, especially if it was for a […]

Too Old For Spanking?

I was not spanked beyond age 10.  However, when I was 11 and 12 I remember being given the occasional threat of a spanking.  So, the possibility was still there, but I never needed to actually get it after 10 years old.  Once I became a teenager, I can hardly remember being disciplined at all, […]

Male students – Canings from a Female Teacher

When I was 15 years old, I had a boyfriend who was one year older than me. They had a pretty young female teacher Latin, she was at her late twenties. One day he received a six of the best caning of her that he never forgot. He said that this was the most painful […]