What Phrase did you Hear before getting Spanked?

Did your parents ever use a familiar phrase to indicate that a spanking was coming?
In my case I heard on a few occasions “Get your backside in the fresh air”, before getting dad’s belt.


For me, it is rather a long time ago!  I don’t think there was any phrase spoken before a spanking – it all happened rather suddenly and at great speed.  It was always fully justified, even if I didn’t admit it at the time.


This hurts me more than you.


‘Ive heard that phrase a lot but wonder if anyone replied back “so can we cancel the spanking”


I can’t remember a phrase before a spanking, but one I got to warn that I might be heading for one if I wasn’t careful was ‘Are you going to take your pants off then?’


That phrase wouldn’t result in me having to remove any clothing because it was just a warning.  When I did get spanked at home, I did have to take my shorts/trousers and underpants off, hence the wording.  This was the 1970s…


I’m afraid I’m going to have to cane you.

Very well, you leave me no choice.

Please go and fetch a gym shoe from the cupboard.

Your choice…palms or backside?