Target Area and position received

For those that had to bend over to suffer a caning from the headmaster or headmistress, did they concentrate the strokes to placed;
Across the middle, mid to lower, lower/top of thighs, or all over the bottom.
When bending over, was it;
Touching toes, over the back of a chair or armchair, over a desk or table, over the arms of a chair, or kneeling on a chair.


Never having been caned I can’t really help with your current thread, As regards targets for the cane, many contributors here have commented on how painful strokes landing on or very close to the gluteal sulcus, the boundary between buttocks and thighs, can be.

One of our former female contributors, apparently caned at her boarding school in, I think, the early 1960s, or was it the late 1950s, and later allegedly appointed to a position in the judiciary, was obsessed with cane strokes to the gluteal sulcus, which she referred to as ‘creasers’.

In a fantasy school in another Forum, of which she acted as ‘headmistress’, any male ‘pupils’ misbehaving  in the thread concerned could rely on their virtual sentence including plenty of ‘creasers’ and ‘cross strokes’, strokes which intersected previous strokes at an angle.  And that was in addition to being caned naked in front of the whole ‘school’!

So much more fun than the rather tame fantasy school we had here for a time when the rather prim and proper in punitive mode ladies of ‘Teachers Who Paddle’ were contributing.  Alas though I only discovered the other ‘school’ after it had closed.


I have often wondered if it was better to have to bend over the arm of a chair as boys in my school had to – rather than bend across a desk. It must have been more uncomfortable over the edge of a hard wooden desk although no doubt you would soon have forgotten about it once the cane landed across your bottom!


I had to lie on my stomach as I stretched over the desk, I was thankful for the flat cushion positioned in the right place to protect the front. You are quite right though, as soon as the first stroke landed, all I was bothered about was it finishing asap, and I didn’t scream out. I think the position over the back of a chair or the arms of a leather armchair like yourself would have been better. Either way, we both got caned and a sore backside.


A friend at college told me that the “technique” at his school had been to aim the first three strokes so they hit in almost the same place; and the next three strokes lower down. He said the first stroke hurt a bit, but the second and third were much worse (of course). But I don’t think he had ever been caned, so he may have been repeating a tall story someone else had told him. I don’t know if it would be possible to be so accurate: maybe they put chalk on the cane?