Stranger than fiction?

Being a lifelong spanko, I obviously deal in fantasy rather than reality. My enjoyment has normally been obtained by administering (and occasionally receiving) lengthy, but relatively mild spankings, whereas genuine spankings, especially SCP, mean to inflict the maximum pain in the shortest time. So, draw your own conclusions about what I am about to relate.

Many years ago, I made an appointment to meet a professional lady sub for a session. It went well, and afterwards, over a cup of tea, we shared experiences and the subject of school cp naturally cropped up. She then told me a very unusual story.

Back in the mid to late 1960s, she went to a girls’ school “somewhere up North” which had a bit of a bad reputation for behaviour. The headmistress was a lady in her 50s who was rather a paradox. She was a kindly lady, popular with the girls, but still a firm believer in corporal punishment, but actually hated the idea of causing serious pain. If a girl was summoned to her inner sanctum, she could be “sentenced” to anything from 3-6 strokes of the slipper or cane, the severity depending on the seriousness of the crime. Such punishments were fairly regularly carried out. However, there were a number of occasions when a girl might be offered what was termed AP, Alternative Punishment. That would involve giving the girl the choice of the usual hard beating, or going across her knee for a spanking. This would involve numerous smacks with her hand, commonly 10 for each stroke of the cane/slipper. A lot of girls wouldn’t entertain it and went for the former. Others, and my lady accepted it twice, chose the lighter option. The head said it was more for embarrassment than pain, taking the girl down a peg or two, especially as skirts were usually raised. It did seem to have the desired effect, as standards rose considerably during her tenure.

Apparently, this went on for some time, but after my lady left, she heard a couple of years later that someone complained and the head was offered early retirement.

I questioned how all this could possibly be true, and she said “why do you think I do what I do now? Ms *****’s method got me going. That’s why I suggested at the beginning that, although you can spank me as you deem fit within reason, I’d prefer it if you could at least for most of the time give me a long but relatively moderate hand spanking.” Luckily, I was only too happy to oblige. I’ve often pondered on this story, it may or may not be true, although she appeared genuine enough, but I’ve always hoped it was. I wonder if this ever happened anywhere else. I’ve always believed in choice in many walks of life. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, or in this case a bottom!


Thanks for an excellent contribution.   Whilst there is no doubt that this account from your profesional lady friend does sound like fantasy.  Sometimes there is no smoke without fire.  Based upon researching facebook memories of SCP in all girls’ school, I’ve found it be a rare occurance even in the 1960s.  Furthermore, even when it was utilised then it was usually administered to the hand via a cane or ruler.  So far I have only found one account of the slipper being used in an all girls’ school, this occured at Gorse Park Girls’ School in Manchester in 1971 and was administered by a male teacher to unstated anatomy.

However, my research has only touched the tip of the iceberg.  I don’t suppose you recall if she stated the name of the school?  Whether it was a boarding school?  Or even if it was private or state run?


Hi I,R. She didn’t mention the name or town of the school, just the it was “up North.” It was definitely a state school, as it had failing standards at one time. I got the impression that AP was still recorded as a regular punishment, so as to avoid further embarrassment. I’m sure a 16 y/o schoolgirl would prefer to admit to her friends to receiving 6 with the cane, rather than shamefully admitting to going over the head’s knee for a skirt-up spanking. That would ruin her street-cred.

It is be obvious now that this lady would today be considered a pervert, although at the time her methods may have been construed as an act of kindness. The only even slight comparison I can come up with is the infamous Robin Peverett, which has been chronicled here before. The idea of a female indulging in such activities must be extremely rare.

Deviating only a little on the theme of lengthy spankings, I also met another lady once (I did get around in those days, didn’t I?!) who openly stated that as a teenager her mother would spank her with a hairbrush for anything up to 15 minutes. I have probably told this story before (A_L?). Naturally it may only have been for titillation during the session,, but I definitely wanted it to be true.


The north is vast and and geographically subjective depending on your own location 😉  If during my research I come accross any similar accounts that could fit this criteria then I’ll post them here.  A better researcher than I might be able to find a list of failing girls’ schools in the 1960s in northern England.

Regarding the hairbrush spanking.  Fifteen minutes is a long time, though of course it would depend on the pace of the spanking.


Your every wish is my command!     Well perhaps not your every wish! ? But certainly the wish expressed in parentheses at the end of the penultimate sentence of your contribution #3 above.

I cannot be absolutely certain as I have discovered yet more bugs undocumented features in the Forum search engine.  However I have searched for both contributions containing ‘hairbrush’ and for those containing ‘hair’ and ‘brush’.  Note that in the search engine a lower case search pattern should discover both upper and lower case text or a mixture thereof.

Other than contribution #3 above in which you pose the question I can discover only one other contribution in which writing as ‘stujos’ you have used either of the search patterns.  Here it is.  Sadly it is clearly not the contribution you questioned.

I cannot recall you using any name other than ‘stujos’, but if you have it would be easy to check that name as well.  Otherwise I look forward to reading the account!

As regards the opening topic of the thread, I see no particular reason to doubt the lady’s account.  There is certainly at least one documented instance of a male teacher in a well known boys’ school who subsequently became a public figure and who offered pupils the choice of a painful punishment (the cane I think) over clothing or a less painful punishment (the strap I think) on the bare.

It certainly wasn’t Robin Peverett, though I can’t recall the name.  The case, but not the name, was I think mentioned here quite recently.  If I remember correctly it was said that boys opting for the ‘on the bare’ were gleefully rapidly conducted to the teacher’s room and their trousers hauled down  without delay.

We should not of course make any supposition as to the teacher’s motives.  Like the headmistress who offered your acquaintance and other schoolgirls the ‘Alternative Punishment’ of prolonged spanking over the knee with skirt raised instead of 3 to 6 strokes of the cane or the slipper he may have been acting entirely from humanitarian motives.  Or not, as the case may be.

As regards the lady whose mother would spank her for up to 15 minutes with a hairbrush, I can only suggest that either she was a very naughty girl or she had a very cruel (or possibly very weak in the arm) mother.  I have seen it suggested, and I see no reason to doubt, that a flat wooden backed hairbrush of any weight is well up there with the nastiest of implements when it comes to sheer pain infliction.  In view of the contents of your ‘hairbrush’ post that I’ve linked for you above perhaps you can confirm or deny?


I forgot to note that for the few, the very few, who will read the above link in #7 in its entirety, there is a mention of Trams! ?

After reading it I am also greatly disappointed at the fact that I did not attend a prep school and my (admittedly minor) public school clearly let me down very badly.  Thus I have absolutely no recollections of being in receipt of eccentric corporal punishments (unless you count that spanked leg) and recall virtually everyone who taught me at school with gratitude and affection.

It is thus only with great difficulty and some very tenuous connections that I can blame my deeply suppressed desire to be subjected to JCP at the hands of an attractive young policewoman on my education at all, and then only via caning prefects.  A sad state of affairs, but then this thread is entitled ‘Stranger than fiction?’.