Smacked bottom in Senior school

Was anyone smacked by hand in Senior school?


I remember in the 1st year at grammar school 3 boys were larking about in the showers. They were taken out and received 2 hard wallops on their bare backsides from one of the PE staff.


When I was a schoolboy (1958-62) the leaving age was 15 and jobs were plentiful. The less academically inclined, and generally more frequently caned, usually finished school at the end of the school year in which they turned 15. However, a few boys repeated their 5th form year in an effort to pass an important school certificate exam. These boys included some of the most caned. Teacher baiting was a risky business in those days.

The sixth an upper sixth forms classes were small and the boys were generally well-behaved. There was generally a much more relaxed atmosphere in the classroom. However, no senior boy was immune and if caned could expect six of the best. Such canings were rare and big news around the school.


at senior yes twice I was misfortune in that area in the first year for sliding down a banister that was of a male science teacher  and i think in the third or fourth year me and this other lad got n off the typing teaching for being inside the school when we should have been outside it  was cold but he certainly warmed our bottoms


At senior school, I was spanked twice in my time  i was there. the first time it was at the hand of squeaky Jackson the science teacher for sliding down a banister. the second time it was in the third or fourth year when both me and another lad stayed indoors when were not supposed to be that was the hands of mister mathersson . both spankings really hurt



You are, of course, referring to a slap from the hand on a teenage bottom. I know of no such occurrence at my school. It was a day school and there was little close or social interaction between staff and pupils. The slipper was not used. Boys sometimes used the peak of the cap to deliver a surprise “bacon slice” to an unwittingly proffered posterior.


I do have a personal story. When I was in 3rd Year (age 13) at high school in Sydney a good friend was in the line in front of me at an outside assembly. For some reason, he was swinging his arms back and forth. A high-risk activity as any movement or word in assemblies could result in the cane. Not quite as risky as with the previous Deputy HM who from the podium would regularly assign teachers to cane boys – “Deal with that boy who is fiddling with his tie, Mr  A  Yes, you boy.” The teacher would cane the boy outside his office after the assembly.

The nearest supervising teacher was a Mr S who had recently emigrated from England and was the only teacher at the school who I knew to use the slipper (in English parlance). He motioned me to move out of the way. I thought for a brief second of warning my friend but quickly rejected the idea as it could have led to the cane for both of us. Mr. S then swung his hand back and gave my friend a hard slap on the bottom. Punishments on the bottom were unusual and not officially sanctioned but far from unknown. The PE teacher had a short stick to hurry boys out of the showers, the woodwork teacher used a T Square and one of the science teachers bent a boy over for the cane once, but that was the only hand punishment I saw in high school.