Slipper or Detention

Not sure if this topic has been covered before but we had several teachers in my senior school that would give an option of the slipper instead of detention. It could well have been so that they would not have to supervise the detention class after school on a Friday when only one or two boys were involved particularly in the cold dark winter months.

It never happen to me but a couple of my friends were once given that choice. They were told to report to the duty teacher at break and reappeared just before the next lesson rubbing their bottoms. They chose the slipper and had to bend over for 6 whacks instead of the usual 3 given for minor misbehaviour. I think this happened on more than one occasion.

I think I would have chosen the slipper instead of an hours detention if the situation had arisen.


I’d have chosen the cane over an hour’s detention , definitely !!!!


For very minor infractions in Games lessons (bottom of rugby boots inadequately cleaned) a detention or two hard whacks of the plimsoll across thin shorts was the choice.
Boys were “expected” to opt for the slipper as a sign of their courage. The result was a sore bottom with a bruise but at least you could ensure that you didn’t miss your bus.


I understand the option of swats with a paddle or suspension (and possibly sometimes detention) is something that is quite common across The Pond …Unless your parents have not consented you to being subject to SCP .Then the choice is obviously made for you.

I was not given any such choices in my school years although I believe the practice was not unheard of but usually involved a 500-word imposition essay on an obscure subject as opposed to detention.  I also recollect reading that  there were allegations of a few male teachers (with,surely not. possible questionable motives)  offering such alternatives to young female pupils.

A slight variation of the Theme was the activities of a certain Mr Jones , Art and History Teacher at an East London school who I have  previously referred to . Apologies for the repetition.

Mr. Jone’s modus operandi was to delay the choice.  In class he would set a 500 word  imposition which  was to be delivered to him 2 days later (or Monday if given on a Friday) in the Art room at 12.30 at the start of the lunch break. Defaulters would recive CP usually several  strokes of the slipper or 3 strokes of the cane ,if a boy.  Although he did not technically cane girls I understand it is alleged that he did sometimes put then across his knee and use a short length of thin  basket making cane from theArt room stores.  I believe the vast  majority of girls opted to do  the essay.

I understand Mr Jones amid various rumours suddenly did not return to teach at the school . The reasons for this are open to speculation.


Six of the slipper seems pretty severe compared with a detention… Unless they were quite light strokes?


There was certainly a difference in how hard I was hit at home to school. School was harder, so if I was given the choice, it would be detention.


We didn’t get the choice; it depended on the teacher, and the circumstances.  I think if we had been given the option, then most boys would feel under pressure to take the slipper for fear of not wanting to appear a bit of a wimp.