Schoolgirl CP

I just wanted to say thank you for this forum. I have not really contributed much over the years but only because I didn’t want to get involved in the did they or didn’t they argument when it comes to the subject of girls and corporal punishment.

I did think you might find the following information interesting and although you will have to take my word for it. The account is 100% true and involves my sister who was happy to recount her experiences.

We attended different schools in Hertfordshire. Mine had a policy of no CP. Hers had a pro CP policy. She fell foul of this on more than one occasion. The last time when she was 16 in 1980. Her friends also suffered the same fate. My sister received both the slipper and cane.

The first time I am aware this happened was when she was slippered for smoking. She confided in me that this had happened and I remember it stirring an interest within me that has lasted to this day. She and a friend were out of school at lunchtime which was allowed. They had been seen smoking by a teacher.
The teacher reported what he had seen and both were summoned to the deputy head.
They were both summarily slippered on the seat of their trousers. My sister said  she had to watch her friend go first. Hands on knees and walloped with a black plimsol. She says it really hurt and her knees were shaking. She underwent the same on more than one occasion. The canings were more formal.

I hope that is of some interest.


to see girls receive corporal punishment at school to  me  was rare as hens teeth youngest sister i remember a lot of years ago telling me when she was in junior school who had been stealing going over the headmistress knee  and spanked on her bare bottom which for a girl that age is rather unusual . the headmistress was a former teacher at my junior school where she made my life hell and too this day i have no idea why


I never witnessed it at her school but just had and have her accounts. The cane was always given in the office along with most of her slippering. I only witnessed her spanked at home.


Thank you for your contribution and you should have absolutely no cause to be concerned about the acceptability of the information you have provided in this thread.  If it has an unusual aspect at all it is only that you were fortunate enough to attend a school which did not use SCP, which was fairly unusual for boys in the day.

I can understand your reservations though.  This Forum has always had a few contributors who attended schools where girls were not subject to CP at all or were only punished on the hand rather than on the bottom.  Some of these contributors have tended to assume that what happened in their schools as regards SCP happened in all schools everywhere at all times.

This was never the case.  There was huge diversity in the SCP of both boys and girls between different types of school, different areas and different periods.  I happened to attend a primary school in the late 1940s, early 1950,s where both boys and girls were sometimes slippered on the bottom, and although I didn’t attend it, I know that in the associated senior school both boys and girls were caned on the bottom.  The secondary school I did attend was boys only, so I didn’t see secondary girls subjected to SCP.  However the school was unusual locally in that it had prefects who could cane other pupils for disciplinary offences.

Some of our contributors will not have encountered any of these things and a very few have sometimes taken the view that if they didn’t encounter them they couldn’t have happened.  It isn’t necessarily so!

You have told us the date of your sister’s last slippering, and her age at the time, something many contributors forget.  It would though be helpful to know the type of school, state, private, that sort of thing.  You wrote that the teacher who saw your sister and her friend smoking was male, and that they were then sent for by the deputy head to be slippered.  Was the deputy head female please?  I am assuming that it was a girls’ school, perhaps incorrectly, as nothing you have written indicates that.

Did your sister say how many whacks of the plimsoll she got on that occasion please?  Smoking was often regarded as a very serious offence of course, and in some schools even a first offence was a caning matter, so it is not surprising that they were punished severely.

I was intrigued that you wrote that your sister was also caned but that canings were more formal.  Is it possible, please, for you to give an example of the sort of offences for which the cane was used at your sister’s school, and how the routine then used differed from the slippering procedure?

A lot of questions, something for which I apologise.  I hope that you will have the time and inclination to respond to at least some of them.


Hi Tradcp44- I know for a fact that girls were punished at school because in primary/junior school i saw plenty, of course boys received it more, but there were quite a few girls who were regulars over the teachers knee. It was always female teachers who administered the spankings to girls and i never saw a girl being punished by the male head, that was boys only.
Regarding my secondary school, girls were exempt from C.P but the school a few miles from my school did use C.P on girls, i was told this by one of the girls who was in our gang of friends who attended that school. Only boys were caned ,and the girls received the slipper. It was administered mostly by the Headmistress and the P.E Mistress although one or two of the other female teachers had a plimsoll in their cupboard. As far as she knew no girl was ever punished by a male teacher. According to my friend she was slippered a few times by both the P.E Mistress and the Headmistress. She received two three stroke slipperings from both Mistresses and also two six stroke slipperings from both. The three strokes were administered with her touching toes on both occasions and the six stokes were administered with her bent over a stool by the Headmistress and over the vaulting horse by the P.E Mistress. She said the pain from the six stroke was unbearable and the P.E Mistress whacked the hardest.
I believe this to be true as that particular school had a bit of a reputation for whacking girls. Wish my sister went to that school


A most interesting contribution, thank you.  I was though intrigued by your final paragraph:

I believe this to be true as that particular school had a bit of a reputation for whacking girls. Wish my sister went to that school 

Was this expressing a wish that your sister had been subjected to the slipper too, like your unfortunate female friend?  Surely not!  Such a sentiment would ill befit a brother!!

And what of those emoticons terminating your contribution?   Doubtless you are aware that a tendency to use emoticons often betrays an inclination towards earnestly seeking after the truth about SCP?  An increasingly rare condition, but there are still a few a few persons inflicted with it to be found here.  But what does your above choice of emoticons betoken?  Unicode 1f46b, ‘man and woman holding hands’ and Unicode 1f60a, ‘smiling face with smiling eyes’?

Possibly a desire to have somehow stood bravely and boldly alongside a naughty female pupil at the school concerned and shared her fate as she faced the perils of touching her toes for three whacks of the slipper from the P.E. Mistress or the Headmistress. Or even the terrors of bending over the Headmistress’s stool or the P.E. Mistress’s vaulting horse for six whacks!

Very commendable sentiments.  Exactly how I might have felt in similar circumstances.  Purely motivated by a spirit of scientific enquiry of course.  Not a trace of prurient curiosity or a desire to watch the unfortunate girlie wriggle and writhe under the whacks.  Certainly not, perish the very thought!  We earnest seekers after the truth about school corporal punishment are entirely above such things!

But how far might you (or indeed anyone else who cares to comment) have gone?  Me, I think I’d have opted out if the stool or the vaulting horse loomed as part of the potential consequences.  Some P.E. Mistresses were quite ludicrously strong and fit, and Headmistresses sometimes got lots of practice at wielding the slipper.  Three whacks in a good cause, yes, six whacks no, at least not for Another_Lurker!

And it could be even worse.  Suppose that the girl had been really naughty and as well as six strokes over the vaulting horse the P.E. Mistress prescribed single layer nether protection of tight P.E. shorts only for both of you?  Or the Headmistress instructed over the stool, skirt up and six whacks on the knickers for the girl, trousers down and the same on the underpants for you?  Or even, if the girl had burnt down the school or similar …..  But no, we won’t go there!  Quite rare in the UK within living memory, that one!


Hi Another Lurker – Yes I do wish that my sister as much as I love her could have experienced the slipper. She showed very little sympathy when I got the slipper across Fathers knee and sometimes tried to get me in trouble with our parents.
Thankfully at school she was a year above me so could.nt witness any front of class whackings I received.
I would,nt have liked her to have been caned though, just 6 whacks from the P.E Mistress and a slippering across Fathers knee would have been sufficient with me witnessing of course.
In regard to the icons of the male and female holding hands, that was to illustrate the love for my elder sister and in the unlikely event that we were both going to be punished at school I would take the blame for the offence and take the punishment


In regard to the icons of the male and female holding hands, that was to illustrate the love for my elder sister and in the unlikely event that we were both going to be punished at school I would take the blame for the offence and take the punishment

Spoken like an experienced veteran of the Another_Lurker warped sense of humour!

I recall that one of our former female contributors claimed that at her secondary school boys and girls who offended in a group were punished in a group, sometimes by the cane applied hard and on the bottom.  I asked if girls did not feel it unfair that boys involved might derive some enjoyment from seeing the girls subjected to having to bend over and take six of the best.  Or indeed if some girls might have similar sentiments regarding boys.

She responded that where the cane was concerned recipients were far too preoccupied with their own fate, whether impending, on-going or painfully completed, to take notice of what was happening to others.

It made sense to me!  And not necessarily just for severe punishments like the cane.  I am fairly confident it would have been the case in the oft-recounted instance of my female classmate slippered very hard in front of the class in PE kit.

If I’d had perforce to be an active participant and duly touch my toes to present my own bottom protected only by a single layer of tightly stretched PE shorts for four hard whacks (as I should have had to do had the normal rules of complicity and consequences been operative) I’d have been far too apprehensive and agitated about my own experience  to note the many little details of my classmate’s fate which in the event made such a lasting impression on me.


This thread seems to have taken a different course. I will try and answer the questions I was asked but I will keep it on point and not wander off into subjects I have no knowledge on.


A belated welcome to the group and thank you for your contribution.  Over the past 6 months I’ve been doing a bit of research into the SCP of females.  I’ve mostly been looking at how they varied within different regions of the UK and how it evolved from the 1950s up to the ban.  I’ll be looking at how it varied between state and public schools as well as comparing Secondary Modern/Comprehensive Schools to Grammar Schools.  I’ve mostly been getting my data from facebook which I know is far from ideal, but I will argue that it is a fine resource for first-hand accounts.  From what I’ve analysed so far the majority of SCP of females in England, Northern Ireland and Wales was the cane to the hand.  However, the slipper applied to the bottom was certainly not rare, whilst the cane across the bottom was much more rare at least compared with other form of SCP.

So far I’ve investigated 12 schools in Hertfordshire and my findings would suggest that 6 of them used SCP on girls and 6 didn’t. An example where SCP of girls seems prominent is at the Clarendon School in Watford.  During the 1950s/60s were girls ordered to change into their PE Kits before being caned or slippered in the gym.  This practice of slippering girls (possibly caning too) carried on after the school merged with Hampden School in 1968 to become Sir James Altham Secondary School at least up to 1984.

Anyway, I hope you stick you around and also join in on the discussions within other threads.