School Punishment Books

Having been into our esteemed subject for quite some time, I have over the years been fascinated to try to collect copies of historic corporal punishment records, namely copies of school corporal punishment books. I have over the years managed to obtain a number of full and complete books, some much more complete than others. The books in my possession are from the UK and Australia.

I would be interested in obtaining copies of as many of these historical records as possible. I myself love to analyse the records, seeing the patterns of cp by pupil, and the type of misdemeanours and their respective tariffs. I find it fascinating to see what implements each school uses, if they target the hands or the buttocks or both. And one thing I find truly fascinating is seeing the tariffs of repeat offenders, or where students have been caught for the same or similar offences and get different tariffs.

The purpose of this post therefore is that I would like to TRADE copies of punishment books, in private and in confidence with those of you who own copies of such – and I know some people on here do.

So, if you would like to make a trade, then please drop me an email and we can discuss. If I could ask you mark the subject of your email PUNISHMENT BOOKS (in capital letters) then your email is much less likely to get lost amongst the plethora of spam that I also receive in the said email box

Many thanks for your time. And I hope that some of us can trade these valuable historical documents.




I suspect that few contributors here would advocate the use of SCP in their own country today, or indeed in other societies, though it is more difficult to be judgemental in such cases unless they are very similar to one’s own.

However I think that quite a high proportion of contributors do not condemn the SCP regimes in their own youth.  To misquote, the past was another country, they did things differently there.

Personally I fit both those profiles now,  For some time after joining the Forum I continued to be a strong supporter of SCP still being used in some circumstances.  That gradually changed over the years and now I would resolutely oppose its reintroduction in UK schools were it ever seriously suggested, which is anyway very unlikely.


I’ I’m sure if I ever did advocate the re-introduction of SCP, it would be for the wrong reasons. But that’s because I’m a spanko, as presumably most us here are. Let’s be honest, we all love to read about the goings-on in the good old days retold here, whether or not we actually agree with it. I always felt that if I had become a teacher in the 60s, I would have looked for excuses to spank, so thank goodness I was neither clever or interested enough to pursue that path.

My only concern is that society seems to be crumbling since cp was abolished. The argument is that violence begets violence, but sometimes it might seem the only option, if all rational dialogue fails.