one cheek or two ?

seeing a post from ms ottley about knickers pulled to one side . was this common in anyone elses teachers armour of punishment when they where at school . saw it happen to  a boy and girl on two separate occasions


I had always assumed that the full or half DDD (Dorothy Denudational Deviation, after one of our former contributors, the manoeuver whereby the nether undergarment of someone undergoing corporal punishment is displaced into the Intergluteal cleft to bare the buttocks thus maximising exposure while retaining some minimal modesty) was the stuff of spanking fiction and ‘adult’ spanking visual media.

However Dorothy said it was used by her headmistress when caning girls severely at Dorothy’s 1960s girls’ boarding school in England.  The technique is described in a collection of Dorothy’s writings on SCP assembled by a senior member of the Forum Management Team, which is to be found here.  If you also saw it used then clearly it was a real world punishment technique used by some teachers.

The nearest thing I saw to that method was when a female classmate in the final year of junior school was required to pull her gym knickers up tight before bending over and touching her toes to be slippered.  The additional area bared for impact by a punitive implement by that technique would certainly not be commensurate with the effects of a DDD.


There were obviously known exceptions (the best known being Helston) but I strongly believe the practice was very rare. There were  probably more instances of getting it on the comple bare with knicks/pants  pulled right down than the wedgie technique.


Comments on tugging up knickers and baring of target areas are not very relevant to school punishments, about 98% of which were surely applied to clothed bottoms.  However, I do think that symmetrical delivery was/is important, and a little more humane than focusing on one spot! My usual chosen dose was either three or four whacks – the offspring at home got more, but more lightly – and I usually reckoned on right/left/centre, or centre/right/left/centre.  A distribution of discomfort.  With the cane of course it was/is less relevant, since the strokes would land right across the target.


Didn’t Mr Guise of Helston fame insists that the victim pull her knickers up tight thereby ensuring the cheeks were bare for the clothes brush.


Our junior school had separate playgrounds for boys and girls. I remember an occasion in the late 1950s when I was walking round the edge of the boys’ playground and caught sight of two girls playing on the grass in the girls’ section. I’m not sure what the game was, but one of the girls went to smack the other’s bottom, moving her dress up and pushing her knickers to one side so that the smack landed on bare flesh (it was just a tap, of course). I imagine this was how the girls might have been smacked at home.


why i raised the topic is i think it was a valid question as i  said in my original post .i had seen this happen on two occasions . i also read in a novel  called spit against the wind miss grant the crabby old teacher did this to her  pupils in a group spanking for messing around when she had left the classroom and no one would own up to starting it


Oh yes, Ian, I understand your raising the topic.  It definitely happened, in cases around primary age, where teachers – not even “crabby old ones” – wished to access a little extra bare flesh to punish!  I can remember it happening in my own primary class at age 8 or so.

The other aspect, however, is that question of a teacher (even a parent) choosing to smack only one side of the target – as opposed to doing so out of necessity!  Ooch – it’s almost an extra punishment. As I said in my post, I tried when giving the slipper to cover all bases…


The nearest thing I saw to that method was when a female classmate in the final year of junior school was required to pull her gym knickers up tight before bending over and touching her toes to be slippered. The additional area bared ………..”

I think you previously described that girl as the prettiest girl in the school so do you think that fact had any influence on the requirement to bare more flesh and was the detail discussed afterwards by your schoolfriends?