Meeting Old School Teachers

Has anyone ever met up with an old school teacher who spanked them during the school days ?

If so, did you discuss things with them or were you too embarrassed ?


I met the Headmaster of my prep school at the school’s fete with my younger brother (who is 2 years younger and was still at the school) and my parents. He had caned me twice in the past, the last time about 2 years before. He asked me how I was getting on at my new school etc etc. and had a quick chat with my parents. The caning was never mentioned of course and at the time my parents did not know that the kindly old man they were talking to had whacked their son’s bottom. No letters home from private schools, it was a matter between you and the Headmaster, quite right to.

The deputy head who caned me on my hands at my state school lived in the same town and I saw him occasionally in the town and once or twice in local pubs etc. I always said hello and asked him how he was etc. He moved away when he retired and I have not seem him for years.

It is quite likely that neither man could remember caning me anyway, they must have both whacked a lot of boys over the years and it was certainly nothing special or unusual.


I was spanked by the headmistress at my infants school. For a 7-year-old who wasn’t smacked at home it was a painful experience. Regardless of that, I remembered her as a scary woman who generally shouted and stamped her foot a lot. She seemed to pick us up on the most trivial matters and was the archetypal “dragon”.

About 9 years later, aged 15/16, I attended the opening of new school building at my old infants school. She was still the headmistress. Two things struck me. First, that I was now bigger and taller than her and it seemed ridiculous that I had ever fitted across her lap for a spanking. The second was that this “dragon” was smiling and chatting to the various guests present and actually appeared to be a civilised human being.

I also wondered if she still used the same methods of discipline as it was now 1983 or 1984 and CP, though still legal, seemed to be on the wane in most schools.


from the US. I ran into the principal that paddled me I think about nine times in jr high. A couple of those were the whole class for just a couple whacks. My worst was ten, for fighting.

Anyway, It was a few years latter, I was in college. We just said hello etc. I do remember thinking he seemed a lot smaller than I remembered. A friend has a son at the school. He said he’s still whacking (private school parents sign a letter..)


Years after leaving school, I was at a county show and met a female teacher who’d caned me but I was far to embarassed to remind her of it.

I bet she’d forgotten anyway.


I was caned on 4 occassions by the Senior Mistress of the Girls Grammar I attended in the early 60’s. She operated a knickers only rule and the process was both humilating & very painful particularly aged nearly 18.

I attended a reunion to mark the conversion of the school to a mixed comprehensive about 15 years later. She was there having retired some years earlier and we had a great laugh about the old times and even the dreadful brown knickers. I was too embaressed to ask if she rememdered giving me the cane but I’m sure she did. Old teachers never forget – that’s me speaking from experience.


Regarding knowing teachers or principals whom you encountered outside the school setting: my dad was the principal at my junior high school and often paddled students sent to him to be disciplined for misbehaving. When I got sent to his office along with several of my buddies for acting up in school I was treated exactly the same as my fellow miscreants; three licks of the paddle.


I have never run into an old teacher. There are a few I it would be great to see. However,if I ran into Shelfy or a certain grade school teacher,it would ,up until a few years ago resulted in bloodshed.Today I don’t think so.But if the subject of CP came up,I don’t know.


I had a great coach who was also our asst. principal in middle school. I was often sent out of class and would have to stand in the hall. He would often come by and know I had done something wrong for being sent out of class. He would have his paddle in his hand and take me to the boys bathroom or give me three licks in the hall. I think from 6th grade thru 8th grade he paddled me at least 15 times. I later was a science teacher and baseball coach at the same middle school where he had become principal. Once while he paddled a boy in the 7th grade and I was his witness he told me this was like old times ha!


I’d like to run into a few of my old teachers. With my car!


This is not strictly relevant to the thread but may be of interest. As a young adult I served on two committies with my old headmaster, but as he never caned me, I suppose it does not count. I am still a member of a commitee of a voluntary organisaion on which sits an 85 year old woman who occaisionally taught me at senior school, usually if the regular teacher was away. Of the eleven members of the committee nine are female, all aged over sixty. Madam President is the retired headmistress of a local junior school. Whenever the issue of child behavior has been raised, her response is to say that she never had any discipline problems “because I kept a slipper in my desk drawer”. This always causes giggles and laughter from all the other female committee members. I think this demonstrates the attitude of a cetain generation to corporal punishment.


i had a teacher in infants who spanked me across her knee when I was seven I have already posted the story on here but years later I would still see her round town where I lived I held no malice against her for what she did as she must of thought it appropriate I never asked her about if she remembered it as she would of long forgotten any how she is no longer with us now


I think that sort of thing may have happened to quite a few people in the days when teachers tended to live near the schools they taught in.  Nowadays if course they live as far from the school as possible and drive varied and circuitous routes home, taking precautions in case a disgruntled kid or aggrieved parent follows them to find where they live with a view to burning their house down.  It wasn’t like that when I was at primary school.  I knew where all my teachers lived,  Everybody did.  In those days teachers lived locally and had status in the community, not far behind Doctors and Priests.

After I started secondary school I became acquainted with a boy from outside the town I lived in.  One day I accompanied him when he was calling on his aunt, who lived in my town.  She turned out to be none other than Miss B  who 5 years before had administered the smacked leg which caused my aversion to being in receipt of SCP, and had then been my class teacher the following year.  She certainly remembered me.  I doubt she remembered the smacked leg,  Miss B smacked lots of legs, there was a queue the time I got mine and I witnessed several more while in her class.  If she did remember it she fortunately didn’t say anything in front of her nephew.

That wasn’t the only coincidence though.  A year or two after that I got quite friendly with a boy who lived locally but went to a different secondary school.  In that case I knew exactly what I was getting into.  His mother was Mrs S   who was my class teacher at the time I got my leg smacked. As I’ve noted here in other posts I was the first person in my year  group to get corporal punishment at primary school, but another boy and a girl from Mrs S’s class were just behind me in the queue.   When we returned there still in tears after being punished Mrs S made us stand hands on heads in front of the class while she took the opportunity to explain to our classmates that we’d been smacked and that was what would happen to naughty boys and girls as we moved up the school.

A necessary lesson perhaps, both the smacking and the lecture.  In the event I took good care it didn’t happen to me again.  Not so all my classmates.  The girl whose severe slippering in our last year of primary school made a big impression on me was one of those who witnessed our discomfiture and heard Mrs S’s little lecture. Mrs S herself was actually a lovely lady and a dedicated teacher.  She never mentioned past failings either and was very kind to me whenever I visited her house with her son.