Male students – Canings from a Female Teacher

When I was 15 years old, I had a boyfriend who was one year older than me. They had a pretty young female teacher Latin, she was at her late twenties. One day he received a six of the best caning of her that he never forgot. He said that this was the most painful and humiliating caning he received in his entire school career. The fact that he was whipped by a young female was particularly embarrassing. And obviously, she did her job really well.

Have you had similar experiences?
Was it different to get caned by a female teacher?
Did males or females cane harder?


All my canings were from male teachers. I did get the slipper from a female teacher at juniors and there wasn’t any real difference between how hard she hit and how hard the male teachers did.


I never got a caning from a female teacher, actually I  never got caned at all, to be honest. A big female german teacher use it in the first year of senior school she was quiet a hefty woman and I think the four boys concerned knew they had been caned by her


I can think of at least one former contributor who would certainly have responded with his account of his first ever caning of four strokes, the last of which was, so the lady wielding the cane told him afterward, definitely ‘of the best’.  As he was at a school where you were nobody unless you’d been caned the punishment was the making of him and led him into a career of student agitation and two further canings, this time from the male headmaster.

Others would I am sure have rallied to the cause.  I have racked my memory to see if I can recall any further accounts here of males caned by female teachers.  There certainly are some.  One that comes to mind was a contributor severely caned by a lady teacher at school in what he thought and still thought many years later, was an unjustified punishment. He had recently recognized her when she moved into a nearby property.  The recognition did not seem to be mutual and there was a discussion here as to whether he should initiate a conversation on the matter which had concerned him for so long.  Alas, I can neither remember whether or not he did nor can I recall enough to locate the account.


Only ever been caned by male teachers. I can’t imagine a female teacher caning a boy’s bottom,did have female teachers witnessing canings usually the ones that sent you to a male teacher to be punished for some misbehavior in her class, think they wanted to witness justice being served


I cannot recall a single time, during our schooling, when gender seemed to be considered (spankee/spanker).   Most of our teachers were female.   Our Principals were female (until high school but there was no paddle at high school).   And, most of the butts being stung were male.   So, only stands to reason.   And, as I have posted a few other places here, there are known examples at our schools of male teachers popping a female behind.   Rare but it happened.   I got mine from a 50-something female principal.   There was nothing sexual or inappropriate about it.   Just a firm paddling that burned like hell.   She asked for a witness (was required) and everyone in the office area was female.   So, a female watched too.   I get, now, that it can seem odd and I would be lying if I said, now, that the presence of that younger female witness was not an “interesting” part of that experience.   But, at the time and for years after, it was mortifying.