Having to wait for the Slipper

What is the longest anyone has had to wait between the announcement of punishment and its ‘execution’?

I read a long time ago of someone who was told on a Friday that he was going to get the slipper for some misdemeanor, but that it was going to wait until Monday morning.

So the poor lad must have had his whole weekend ruined because of having to wait – the Sunday evening must have been horrific.
Did anybody experience anything like that, or even or long wait outside the head’s study till he came back from a leisurely lunch, as happened to me!

I lost count of the butterflies in my stomach by the time he arrived.
At prep school in the mid ’70s, I waited from Thursday until Monday morning break to be caned.

I was “on the report” which meant one had to carry a blank timetable around to all your lessons.

The teacher signed each lesson and put “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory ” in the box. If you got three “unsatisfactory ” marks you got caned on Monday when all boys on report lined up outside the Headmaster’s study to show him their reports.
I collected my third “unsatisfactory” on Thursday so I knew from then until Monday that I would be getting my first caning.
It was a very long weekend and an even longer first lesson on Monday morning.