Enjoying the Slipper

Stumbled across this site whilst looking for something else. Reminded me of when I was at private school in the ’80s We used to get the slipper ( a large heavy leather-soled one)from quite a reasonably young female teacher.

It really hurt all of us like hell, she was small but she could certainly apply a slipper, and everything was done to avoid ‘tasting’ it; but as I grew up a bit say aged 10 -12 I used to have a secret burning desire to get it off from Mrs Davis and so used to provoke her sometimes.

After you knew you were about to receive it, whilst waiting for her in the library, your heart would be pounding, blood rushing through your veins, sweaty palms, and shaky hands, etc. You knew it would be agony (maybe you would cry, whilst getting it, maybe you would not)but you just could not wait to feel it on your backside.

At the same time, you would hate the pain but love the feeling of a female hitting you with a slipper. I am probably odd, as I don’t think anyone else actually enjoyed getting it, or were they keeping quiet about their desires? At the time this is what I used to fantasize about.

Perhaps she used to enjoy slippering males, is this a female’s fantasy ???


The answer may lie in the fact that there are thousands and thousands of men who pay good money to receive CP from females but, as far as I know, there isn’t a female on the face of the Earth who paid a penny to administer CP to a male.

I think we can safely assume that F/m CP is not a widespread female fantasy.


Nevertheless, there were many female primary school teachers who had an interest in smacking children’s bottoms. I knew one who, frustrated by the fact that she was not allowed to smack her pupils, used to lightly spank her own ten-year-old daughter (it was disguised as a game) for the entertainment of visitors.


So you reckon some women teachers did enjoy smacking then? My theory may be right then, but I imagine they are few and far in between.


For as long as women have had charge of children, they have punished them physically, at home, and at school.

Feminine archetypes include the ‘fair but firm’ junior schoolmistress, the governess, the nanny, the baby-sitter, and the institutional dame.


My wife’s mother was a teacher at a secondary school and was a keen advocate of corporal punishment for girls and boys. Unfortunately for her and indeed my wife, she wasn’t one of those permitted to use it and had to make do with sending children with notes to other, more senior, teachers to administer it. However, it wasn’t every occasion that a child would return to class having been whacked – I assume some disagreed with her suggestion of a whacking, and that made her very annoyed.

My wife felt that she often got the whackings that one of her mum’s pupils was supposed to get at school that day.