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I have no hesitation in admitting that I actually found being forced to observe SCP at my junior school at  the tender of 6 to 11 quite upsetting and even disturbing . Unless the recipient was one of the few really nasty boys who, unfortunately usually with good reason, nobody was keen to associate with.  And of course I was especially upset if it was a girl or boy with whom I was particularly friendly .  There were 2 teachers at my Juniorr school, a lady and a male, whose punishments could definitely be described as being more than a mild chiding slap which in my view, even now, they should have been limited to with such young charges.

The lady teacher Miss Raine was a short dumpy 50 something spinster who wore badly applied make up ,smelt of moth balls and cheap scent and had, in retrospect, a very misconceived strong view of her importance of her position as the “senior “ teacher. For those interested in such details she also wore old fashioned long pink bloomers down to her knees which she often inadvertently flashed while seated at her desk. Ladylike graceful movements were sadly lacking in her repertoire.
For some reason she opted to only slap,soundly and rhythmically boys on their right upper arms which was extremely painful . I think the record was 36 slaps . The wise showed or exaggerated their agony which usually resulted in cessation after about 12.
For girls her chosen target area was the top of the backs of their legs. For a quick session (4 slaps -2 on each leg) the girl would stand next to her at her desk and “The Old Girl” would lift first one side of her skirt and then the other to deliver. For a longer session ,5 or 6 slaps on each leg. She favoured the over the knee position with skirt partially lifted although because of her diminutive stature and short legs her lap was angled so the girl had also to be held in position to stop her rolling off. Most girls had tears in their eyes after a longer whacking. Punishments were frequent. I think at least one boy got a slapping most days and probably 1 or 2 girls every 2 weeks or so.

The male teacher was also a keen practitioner of OTK bare thigh spanking of both boys and girls although these did not occur as frequently as with “The Old Girl” . He also sometimes  caned. This was usually on the hand ,1 or 2 strokes on each hand but sometimes,more rarely on the bottom, 4 or 6 strokes, bent over his chair. I only ever saw him cane one girl on the bottom and this particularly upset me as the girl was someone I liked a lot and he was probably somewhat severe for persistent whispering in Class. He frequently boasted about this caning to other girls, presumably as a deterrent. I have often wondered if the poor girl was singled out with this purpose in mind He was an odd character and probably had Spanko tendencies but, unlike The Old Girl was, despite his fairly severe whackings, much respected and liked. He was also a good teacher and got many through the dreaded 11 plus examination.

I was in some dread of my boys only grammar school which as well as its excellent academic record also had, as part of its tradition, a reputation of being a school where the cane was regularly used, always on the bottom.

Surprisingly I quickly settled in and accepted the classroom use of slipper and cane and really appreciated being at a school with a high teaching standard. I think, during my first year being aware that more senior boys were subject to similar, probably more severe, discipline, helped for some reason . We even got to joke about punishments received which was a far cry from my mental state a year or so earlier. At the early age of 12 I even discovered the joys of smacking ,in horseplay, girls on the bottom. I will say no more.


I have to say that at my primary school there was a lot of classroom SCP.   Solo teachers without any classroom assistants found it an essential tool for quickly dealing with any misbehavior in vast classes of 50 plus and still getting the teaching done.  So much SCP that I don’t think many children found watching it upsetting or disturbing.  If they did they’d have had a hard time!

We could of course close our eyes or look the other way, but most were just glad it wasn’t them (except when it was of course ? and simply spectated, with a certain amount of joy if it was an enemy or rival.  Schadenfreude is not confined to adults!

At secondary school such exponents as there were of classroom SCP were often of the ‘bread and circuses’ persuasion.  The Roman Emperors kept the riot inclined Roman underclass in check by providing access to lots of food and drink while watching unfortunates being chucked to the lions in the arena.  Adherents of the ‘bread and circuses’ school of classroom management did pretty much the same thing with equally riot inclined schoolboys by elaborately sacrificing any erring scholars in front of their classmates.

This was done with as much imposed embarrassment and indignity and heavy handed humour as was necessary to persuade the sensible that watching was much more fun than participating, and if you behaved some other idiot wouldn’t and intermittent breaks for a bit of entertainment would be the reward of the docile and compliant.

Those who do not follow the Forum with rapt attention may be wondering about the penultimate and final sentences of Sir John 2‘s opening contribution above.  I do pay rapt attention and although Sir John 2 curiously fails to mention it I remember his contribution  which throws more light on the matter concerned.  For one thing it made me very jealous in view of my own experiences in this area (of which more anon)  It is to be found here.

It is, or should be, required reading for anyone who has emulated Sir John 2.  And also for those who haven’t but would like to have and those like me whose experiences in this area were rather different. ? However, due to a cock up slight technical problem you might have difficulty locating the required data.  If so just ask and all will be revealed, or rather, errm, expanded.

As noted, my own experiences in this area of youthful experimentation in cross-gender CP were very different to those of Sir John 2.  The environment was certainly as good as his.  The experimentation was probably, nay, I think certainly, rather more varied and, errm, interesting!  But sadly, due to too many bossy girls and too much quite ridiculous shyness and lack of moral fibre on my part force majeure, the cross gender bit was entirely the wrong way round.  If only when a certain young lady appeared on the scene I had taken my allotted punishment with sang froid and insouciance and then insisted that in the interests of fairness and future participation it was time for a regime change in the school ………

But I didn’t, and the sad story is to be found  here about a third of the way down a long post.


I have to say that I found it upsetting to witness another child receiving SCP. I am younger than yourself, so classroom SCP was at Primary School. The only teacher at Secondary school to use CP, was a senior PE teacher in my first year, but that was at the end of the class before showers, so not in front of the class. At Primary School, most of the female teachers that smacked mainly did so at the front of the class. I had three 50 something female teachers that would put the misbehaved child across their knee in front of the class, so listening to a child crying whether a friend or not was upsetting. The teacher for doing this the most, was Mrs A, a fairly tall, but plump lady with a large bottom. She taught me when I was eight years old. She was strict and any misbehaviour or poor school work, would result in being led by the ear to the front of the class to either spank or put into a corner of the classroom to spank during break time. She smacked hard and would give a good number of smacks, at least a minimum of ten, but sometimes more than double that, especially if you were kept for a break time. Unfortunately, I experienced both, but most of the boys in the class did, and occasionally girls, who had the added embarrassment of having their skirt pulled up and spanked across their underwear.
So glad that my children didn’t have to experience classroom CP, and is now only a thing we can discuss and remember from the past on this forum.


Many thanks for your usual high standard response, plus the your usual interesting links to previous contributions. I did not think it appropriate to regurgitate those  most memorable activities at the holiday camp .   They probably set the scene for things to come.

Out of curiosity I Googled  Little Canada and it seems it is now  an Adventure Centre geared primarily for young people !  There is also a Facebook Group for people who holidayed there when it was Fred Pontins flagship holiday camp.  Sadly after perusing  I could find no ladies had posted memories of being smacked on the bottom by me  in the summer of 57 .  Obviously the event was not as memorable to them as it was to me.

I re read again  your experiences of playing schools  at the tender age of 10/11.  One wonders if you would have found the experience somewhat more interesting had you been a few years older.

Thanks for responding . It seems your Junior school experiences were similar to my own.  Your references to the age of teacher is. I think, relevant.  At my junior school there were many young (probably very young) female teachers who normally only taught the youngest.  Whether because they were not authorised to, lacked the confidence to apply  or were against it these did not use CP although some occassionally sent or took older pupils to Mr T for that purpose when they were on playground duty.

Another very elderly female  teacher who fortunately retired/left at the end of my first year was apparently a reknown OTK bottom smacker though I am pleased to report I never witnessed her in action .  In retrospect it there seems to have been, in the 1950s  a definite correlation between a female  teacher’s age and the probability that she was a proponent of CP in the classroom.


In retrospect it there seems to have been, in the 1950s  a definite correlation between a female  teacher’s age and the probability that she was a proponent of CP in the classroom.

On the other hand, the class teacher we had in the autumn term of 1957, who regularly applied her slipper to (mostly boys’) bottoms, would have been in her early thirties at most. Perhaps it was because she came from New Zealand rather than being brought up in the UK? Who knows.


Be honest….who used to really enjoy seeing classmates punished?


Hi Another Lurker, I think the age was the determining factor in my experience. The generation of the female teachers in question that did smack, I suppose were either use to receiving it themselves as children or witnesses to it at home or at school, and therefore used it on the pupils in their classroom as discipline. It was the norm for them. Being sent to the Headmistress was not that often, only for things like, fighting, bullying, stealing etc. CP was mostly left to the teacher in the classroom. Parents knew it happened, but it was generally accepted, unless it was excessive. I am sure like many others of my generation and before, you didn’t go home complaining about it, due to the fear of getting another clout.
I had two young teachers, they brought fun to the classroom and better learning. I still speak to both of them now. I recently learnt from one of them, that there was some tension between them and the older teachers. I had respect for all of my teachers. When I was disciplined in primary school which was not a lot, probably half a dozen times, I can’t say I didn’t deserve to be punished, and at that time and being taught by those three teachers, meant being spanked.
Thankfully, smacking in schools is a thing of the past. There are other forms of discipline that are effective, but requires the parents to back up the teacher and school.


I can generally honestly say I didn’t, with the exception of a teacher’s pet, who got many others in trouble including myself, so when it was their turn to be spanked, there was little sympathy.


there used to be a theory, sometimes propounded here in the past, that the younger a female teacher was, the more likely she was to deliver severe SCP.

This was based on the assumption that the use of SCP had gradually diminished over the years and it was therefore increasingly likely that younger female teachers would not themselves have been in receipt of SCP and therefore would lack an appreciation of what was reasonable.  I recall this idea being expounded with some feeling by a male German contributor who complained bitterly of severe canings from young female teachers in his schooldays and some had apparently noted the same thing on the UK side of the North Sea.

Logically one would assume that the same phenomenon would be noted with young male teachers, but I don’t recall this being mentioned.  Further there was  a theory, at least as regards England, that the SCP of schoolgirls had actually increased as coeducation in state secondary schools became more common.  One could perhaps reasonably postulate that this would tend to nullify the idea that younger female teachers would be less likely to have received corporal punishment themselves.

I have no idea if any of these ideas have foundations in reality.  I can only say that the most severe SCP I personally received was administered by the youngest female teacher to have taught me.  But then I didn’t encounter many female teachers nor was I in receipt of much SCP!


I guess that is why we share our experiences and opinions. A lot is similar, but then our experience at the hands of female teachers is completely different.