Corporal punishment and sex: a forbidden story?

Hopefully this is an ok topic to discuss?

How many of us, after being caned or strapped on the bottom as boys or girls, became aware of the sensual feelings it elicited? It seems significant numbers of those who received cp were aided in their discovery of sex, primarily through the ‘comfort masturbation’ that often followed a caning, both because the experience of cp led to penile tumescence and inevitable exploration, and because masturbation helped take you mind of your throbbing bottom, and the throbbing bottom seemed to enhance your climax.

Of course, in boarding schools, many boys would delight in seeing – and touching – the angry weals of another boy’s striped bottom, readily visible in showers or dorms. Many boys often demanded this of younger ones. This often led to mutual masturbation,  or other homosexual activities, which were then punished with the cane upon discovery. It is one of history’s greatest ironies that some of those who took it upon themselves to cane for homosexual activities and ‘self abuse’ were not shy to use the opportunity of administering the cane to bared bottoms to indulge in the same. Presumably they were repeating that which they had enjoyed as boys themselves. Boys would be conditioned and couldn’t help get erect when presenting their bottoms for the cane, which might only invite further comment or other ‘interest’, from a particular housemaster.

I have no doubt that many boys were turned bi, or gay, as a result of years of conditioning of submission to a dominant gay man, who would make them expose their bottoms for a painful thrashing with the rattan or leather, and ‘other’ things. Over the decades, I have talked about this with numerous others who experienced just this. You dared not follow instructions, lest you be ‘awarded’ additional strokes of the cane. The initial embarrassment was overwhelmed by the anxiety over the pain. By the time you were more aware of being exposed as you were on the cusp of adolescence, you were so used to the routine, you did as expected without a moment’s thought.

Some masters easily manipulated boys, e.g. the headmaster of Fettes, who reputedly offered boys the chance of fewer strokes of the strap on the bared buttocks, compared to the cane over clothed. I know of two brothers who attended that school, one of whom in conversations stated that his housemaster gave him a reduced number of strokes of the cane in return for fellating the master. His older brother said ‘I hope it was worth it!’ – such things a subject of jokes back then.

Now we wonder – were these housemasters twisting the rules in insisting you bared your bottom for their cane? Were there indeed any rules, or were they free agents in the administration of the cane? Were they officially allowed to give you those dozen or eighteen strokes? Now we understand, when we didn’t then, why certain boys – not the most naughty by any means – were continually found to be called to the housemaster’s study for six of the best or more. Pretty, submissive and/or homosexual.

The phenomenon of ‘comfort masturbation’ was certainly not confined to boys, as I know of at least a couple of females who discovered this after being disciplined with a leather strap from about 10 to 13.

Should – indeed can – such stories still be related now, or are they now destined to fade into history, victim of a more censorious age that does not want to hear?



I an sorry to note that your above contribution has not so far attracted any responses other than this one.  However I am pleased to see that it does not appear to have been edited or censured, and as I believe that the Forum Management will have read it I conclude that my previous advice to you that the topic would be acceptable was probably correct.

The response problem hinges I fear on footfall, to use retail terminology.  In past times daily individual footfall here was well into three figures.  Now it appears to be 40 to 50 and of these visitors some have never contributed and possibly never will, while others eschew more complex topics and stick to one liners.  Perfectly valid choices, but leading to a dearth of serious debate and discussion by comparison with the past.

Personally I have no doubt that school corporal punishment could in some cases influence the future sexuality of pupils so punished.  Not in all cases.  Human beings differ widely in their psychological make-up and their sexuality is one of the most complex elements of this.  But I certainly have no difficulty in believing that being caned or otherwise punished on the bare buttocks, or with even greater disrobing involved, and in the hot-house environment of a single sex private school, could greatly influence sexual development and future sexual inclinations.  Especially so in a boarding establishment, with the consequent fairly intimate relationship with the staff delivering the punishment.

My personal experience of this is limited.  Being in receipt of a smacked leg and a fairly mild slippering while in primary school cannot be claimed to be as memorable and life influencing as being required to bare one’s bottom and bend over for a severe caning in the secondary school years.  Perhaps not surprisingly in view of my age at the time I do not recall any sexual reaction before, during or after either of my punishments.  Embarrassment yes, anger yes, but anything more sexually linked, not really.

Very deep analysis might of course come up with a connection between the smacked leg and subsequent developments.  It was administered by a young female teacher and I was alerted to the coming reality from my blissful ignorance of the impending fate of myself and the other boys  and girl of assorted ages in the queue of miscreants when, with me second in the line, the girl in front was abruptly bent over and partially bared by having her skirt folded back.  During my own punishment I was acutely embarrassed to have the leg of my shorts hauled aloft to what felt like almost bottom baring extent as I was a very shy little boy.  I was also very aware of the large audience of a mixed class of older children, some of whom were finding the entertainment quite amusing.

Add the occasional ‘scp’ from officious older girls when compulsorily playing schools as a little lad (it’s all here somewhere) and there we have it!  All the foundations for an expressed preference as an adult for being whacked by a woman if I ever had to be whacked at all and a claimed disinclination to oppose jcp in public, even if it was applied to me (providing it was by a woman of course).  But seriously, rather tenuous links and probably not!

I feel on safer ground in thinking that my interest in SCP may have been encouraged by seeing a female classmate severely slippered when we were nearly 12.  If so the effect may have been heightened by the fact that the Another_Lurker bottom clad in tightly stretched PE shorts should really have been presented for punishment alongside my classmate in her gym knickers but wasn’t.  But even without that additional element I feel confident in claiming a lasting effect from the experience because another contributor I greatly respect has referred more than once to the similar outcome of seeing a female classmate slippered on her knickers, and as far as I am aware his bottom was in no danger whatsoever.

But as I say, I have no personal experience of the more serious and potentially life changing effects of SCP that you mention.  Hopefully someone who has will comment.


I think it’s a perfectly reasonable topic to discuss, however it seems that we are overwhelmingly talking about boarding schools where the boys (and maybe occasionally girls?) were subject to quite horrendous levels of CP including bare bottom whackings and dubious goings-on late at night in dormitories, and this is not in the experience of many of us plebs.

Also don’t forget that a lot of these people who were put through these vile regimes by their fee-paying parents were being given a leg-up into the highest echelons of society and that this was perhaps considered a good grounding to the kind of life they would be entering, and they predominate to this day in the highest levels of government and civil service, so don’t be surprised at them all closing ranks against any kind of investigation even at this late stage.

But we all know the trope of the outwardly respectable leader who can pull a gorgeous trophy wife but really only has eyes for his gay playmate, or if you’re lucky only gets off on being beaten by a dominatrix, especially if she dresses and talks just like his public school matron.


There is no doubt that receiving and witnessing SCP whilst at school has had a lifetime effect on me. Seeing girls having there skirts lifted and being spanked over the knee on blue knickers plus my own bare bottom head masters caning with my female form teacher in attendance at 11 years old certainly had an effect.
The six of the best I received at 13 years old also had an effect mainly due to the secretary coyly looking at me when she delivered the cane and punishment book to the head master and the sneering look she gave me when I walked past her though her adjoining office after receiving six slowly paced strokes of the cane after being tightly bent across the head masters desk that she would have clearly well heard through the thin portioned office walls.
Whilst at school it was always thrilling for me to see the daily classroom CP and to hear accounts of pupils visiting the headmaster for a caning like I had had. I would often daydream and envisage imaginary punishments to pupils. My secondary modern school was boys only on the top floor of the very large school building the girls being on the ground floor, we would occasionally hear teachers down below scolding girl pupils and sending them to the head mistress. It was very thrilling for me to imagine the possible girls punishment spanking or caning.
When I left school and for many years after I would visit the libraries for hours scanning story books looking for corporal punishment scenes.
Being honest I personally look upon this sexually deep interest in CP as a real bonus as it has given an additional pleasure to my normal heterosexual feelings.  When I was in my early marriage years I persuaded my wife to who I love dearly receive a spanking for over spending and the next time we had sex it was a totally electrifying experience for me.
The interest in CP has never given me homosexual thoughts at all whatsoever but the sight of a well developed female bottom has and always will give me loads of pleasure.
I have no doubt that many other readers and contributors to this excellent SCP site would have had very similar experiences to my own resulting into being the same me. It is very personnel thing and I have always kept my interest completely private. For many years I thought that I was just a one of and it is very comforting to now know that along with this sites many readers the interest with CP is global.


I think you are just a little hard on the public schools and their influence on the upper echelons of government.  Various persons from my old school have made it onto the front benches in recent years.  In fact one is currently a party leader, though he doesn’t have a very large party.  I can assure you that none of them was subjected to “dubious goings-on late at night in dormitories”, it is and was a day school.

Further they weren’t subjected to “quite horrendous levels of CP including bare bottom whackings”, at least not at secondary school.  One of them who held two of the great offices of state might just possibly have been caned by the prefects, up to three strokes over the trousers, but we were contemporaries and I don’t think he was.  SCP had been abolished at the school by the time the rest were there.

A high proportion of them, including the party leader and the holder of multiple high offices of state, weren’t “put through these vile regimes by their fee-paying parents”.   They worked extremely hard at their primary schools to win very hard to get scholarships.

I am very sad to say that the adverse and unpleasant qualities you attribute to public school boys are spread pretty equally throughout the whole spectrum of society.  In my 79 years I’ve seen far more persons possessed of them who’ve never been anywhere near a public school than those who have.  But then I’d expect that as the public schools educate a very small proportion of the population.

And on a lighter  note, any of my former schoolmates who went on to fancy being beaten by a dominatrix who “dresses and talks just like his public school matron” would have very very exotic and unusual tastes indeed!

Unlike the alleged incumbent at Dr Dominum’s school ours wasn’t young, didn’t cane, and definitely wasn’t likely to instill any naughty thoughts in susceptible  juvenile males even if she had done, on the bare or any other way.  Now the headmaster’s secretary ……………..   Aside from the dinner ladies those two were the only females on site so there wasn’t a lot of choice.   But as for me, I’ll settle for JformerlyJethro‘s policewoman or that elusive caning female prefect!

Finally, in an effort to stay at least partly on topic, and while we have two people in the thread who  admit to having been caned on the bare at school, a technical question.  The sensitive should rapidly move onto the next response or thread at this point.

I have absolutely no experience of being caned hard.  Indeed other than child’s play I have no experience of being caned at all.  Nor have I ever witnessed anyone being caned ‘in the flesh’ so to speak.  Films, video clips yes, but you can never be  really sure what’s going on before, after or even during a sequence.

CanedBoy wrote in his opening contribution:

the experience of cp led to penile tumescence

Is this correct?  I can understand that the preparations for punishment might induce involuntary arousal and that being required to disrobe, possibly being subjected to further reprimands while disrobed, and being made to assume the required posture might prolong the effect.

But would it not be the case that the actual application of CP in the form of hard cane strokes would rapidly return matters to normal as the pain took over?   I have seen conflicting claims in this area, both supporting my suggestion and also stating that the arousal increases as the punishment progresses.

Of course it may be a matter of individual physiology.  It would be interesting to see if there is any uniformity of opinion here.

And:  Does a penetrative and highly concentrated impact zone implement like  the cane actually hurt more on the bare  or is a perception of inevitably more severe punishment merely in the mind?  Difficult to assess I realise.  It may be possible if someone has been caned with similar severity by the same person on the bare and over normal clothing.


Hello Richard,

And thank you for your response.  My apologies for not recalling your contribution on the topic.  If it was a fairly recent one I can only say that sadly I find it far harder to keep track of the present sparse and intermittent exchanges here than it was when there would be several contributions on a variety of topics each and every day.

In the past we did at one stage have contributions from a ‘professional’ male recipient of CP who maintained that any additional pain perceived in being caned on the bare rather than over normal clothing was in the mind rather than the actual pain receptor response.  His bête noire was being caned over a single thin but very tight fitting layer.  But doubtless to him being caned on the bare was routine whereas a thin very tight layer of protection was probably an occasional request from a client with specialist tastes.  If I recall correctly he also found that  being restrained added to the perceived punitive effects.

However the experiences in receipt of CP that I recall you relating would certainly be more akin to SCP than those of a professional being paid to accept punishment, and your analysis is likely to be more applicable to the present discussion.


I cannot reply from personal experience as I never received cp either at school or at home, although I do remember being vaguely interested in the idea without then knowing why. However, among my adult contacts interested in cp, I do not recall anyone who mentioned being sexually excited by cp during their childhood. And at least two of them, who had been at school at the very end of the cp era, told me they had campaigned at school for its abolition. My own entirely personal opinion is that an interest in cp is, at least in some people, “hard wired” in the brain. But, to judge from other contributors to this discussion, other people somehow acquire it.


aving received both the cane and slipper while at secondary school in my case there was no sexual interest at the time only a sore backside.
Later in life however I did develop an interest although sadly my wife did not.