Bring back cane is the call

The majority of parents support the need for the cane as a punishment in senior schools. This was the clear feeling at a “talk about” at King Ethelbert School, Birchington on Thursday. The cane is used at the school in few extreme cases. Headmaster Mr George Teasdale said after the meeting, which was attended by more than 100 parents, the majority recognized the need for “firm and caring discipline in the home and the school.” “The majority also recognized corporal punishment ought to remain as part of a head teacher’s armoury at the senior schools,” he said.


But King Ethelbert does not use the cane as a punishment for its girl pupils — only the boys. The “talk about” was chaired by chairman of the governors, Mrs Jessie Cornford, and included a panel of experts comprising a doctor involved with school health work, a probation officer, senior police officer, a clergyman, teachers and a senior social worker. Mr Teasdale said the panel and parents had discussed the standards of discipline in schools and elsewhere, and the apparent decline in the standards. The meeting had been so successful he felt it should be the first of a number of discussions. The next would cover sex education in schools.