Best position for punishment?

Hello everyone, what would everyone’s preferences be regarding the recipient’s position? Certainly regarding using the cane I mean.
I don’t prefer the ‘bending over and touching your toes’ method, rather the ‘bending over a chair’. I don’t think its as easy being walloped when your standing up, especially if it’s being done hard.

There is also over the knee (obviously for spanking)
Some UK public schools did the ‘starfish’ method were you stand with your legs apart, as are your arms, but stand up moderately straight.

What are peoples preferences (that’s saying you have been beaten!)


School corporal punishment served multiple purposes beyond simple specific and general deterrence. School authorities feared loss of control and rebellion, as well they might being greatly outnumbered. There was essentially only one crime – challenging the school’s and the teacher’s authority by failing to obey the rules or by showing disrespect. To restore the situation and return things to normal the miscreant had to (re)submit and do a penance.

Holding out the hand and keeping it there, against all instinct, was one way of signaling submission and restoring the balance. Better still, was proffering the posterior in the locally proscribed manner. In some cases a simple toes touch sufficed but this position leaves the fleshy lower cheeks, the sit-upon-part, over hung and barely accessible. Also, the simple toe touch is rather unstable.

Leaning and bending over an item of furniture solves the problems presented by a simple toes touch. It is much to be preferred – if it is in accord with local custom as an act of submission.

A well earned caning administered enthusiastically, competently and without malice and accepted with courage, dignity and without rancor served well when it was available. Unfortunately, the converse applies.

Taking a good caning well served the canee as well as the wider community.


Thankyou for your wonderful input. Also thanks for the image – that will be my next caning position when I meet my caner (whenever Covid gets to a point when I we can all meet others).
It would be nice to have some tips of how to cope with the pain? I guess grip the seat if I can is one?

To be honest, I am rather apprehensive about my next visit, purely as I am rather frightened of the cane. I am being serious, but I realise it is for the good of me to teach me the error of my ways of being a bad boy. Certainly the previous encounter made me fear it!
It will probably also be at least 12 hard strokes, as my previous was that amount. I may let there be more, but I don’t want to get to the point where they break the skin, so not sure on what the limit might be?

One problem I will find is to not cry out, or move too much, as I really would like to try not to. I need some advice on being stoical if possible.

I know this might sound crazy, as you are all reading this, but thankyou for all your help in advance!


Your options would seem to be:

  1. Opt out. Perhaps caning is not for you.
  2. Set limits in advance. Six strokes from a school style and weight cane is not an unreasonable initial target for an healthy adult. Twelve strokes can cause serious bruising if the cane is too heavy.
  3. Man up. I think you are want help with this. The ridicule of school mates is presumable not available in your case but was once a powerful motivator. The mind has powerful techniques for dealing with pain but they can hardly be learnt from just reading about them. You might for example just decide that although you are in pain you are just going to ignore it aided by thinking of something pleasant. Alternatively, decide the pain is good and accept and savour  it.


My question is whether it has already achieved your objective?  Has the bad experience taught you the error of your ways such that you will not be a bad boy in the future?

We don’t need to know what the failing was that needed to be corrected, but let’s just assume for a moment that you wanted to give up smoking.  The fact that you fear the cane means it will continue to act as a deterrent, but the punishment doesn’t need to be repeated unless you have smoked another cigarette since.  There has to be a specific reason for submitting to punishment or it will become a less effective deterrent (and become a habit, a bit like smoking!)

You went on to say:  It will probably also be at least 12 hard strokes, as my previous was that amount. I may let there be more, but I don’t want to get to the point where they break the skin, so not sure on what the limit might be?

Twelve strokes or more is excessive.  Quality is more important than quantity and six or eight strokes done without delay, from cold, at fifteen second intervals, are probably enough to satisfy your need, even if it doesn’t satisfy the desires of your assailant!  In this case, remember you are the customer and it is being done only for your benefit.

Canes do sometimes break the skin, especially where strokes overlap, but it isn’t usually serious unless you take blood thinning medication – in which case you shouldn’t be caned at all.  A styptic pencil will quickly stop any oozing.

One way to accept pain is to plan to make a charitable donation for each stroke.  The thought of a few pounds going to your local hospice puts you in a strong frame of mind, thinking of other people’s suffering, rather than your own.


The best position i was made to assume for the cane, if there is a best position was bending over a high stool, my housemaster bent boys over the stool for anything over 3 strokes, it had a well worn leather seat probably through lots of use and was like a old bar stool, the school must have bought a job lot as both the deputy head and headmaster used the stool for any number of strokes. My housemaster on the other hand used to put us in the bend over touching toes position for a 3 stroke caning, it was a position i hated trying to keep in position when a whippy cane scorched across your backside was nigh impossible for me which resulted in one extra stroke.
As for spanking, my father always bent me over his knee for a hand or slipper spanking,its the worst position i have ever been punished in,it was embarrassing as well as painful,my father spanked long and hard,sometimes in front of my mother and worse still my elder sister
Painful memories


I had to bend over while standing up, although I’ve never been able to actually touch my toes as such.  Sometimes we did bend over a desk if we were being slippered in class, but this was less usual.  Personally, I preferred standing and pretending to touch toes, but we didn’t really get a choice!

I must admit, I can’t really imagine a secondary school pupil being punished over the knee at school, as this sounds a bit personal – more something that a parent would do – but I wouldn’t say it never happened.

One thought I had was that in some places, such as in Asian countries, they cane schoolchildren standing straight up.  I’ve noticed that from pictures on the Corpun website.  I had wondered whether assuming the ‘bend over’ position is more part of the discipline of showing submission rather than to make the administration of the caning more efficient?


Some interesting conversations here.
sc545474 talks of embarrassment at being spanked in front of his elder sister. Did she never get spanked at home like he was? I have certainly heard of girls being spanked by their parents. I’d have thought that this was more likely than them being caned or slippered in school.
Sorepants is quite correct about secondary school pupils not receiving over knee punishments but he adds that it may have occasionally happened in some schools but it would have been unusual. I suspect that if older youngsters were spanked at home over the knee may have been less likely than when they were younger. Of course the age when parental punishments stopped varied family to family but I’ve have thought it would have been around 14 for most.