Teacher: I loathe the cane


School CP – May 1947

Evening News, London, 27 May 1947

Teacher: I loathe the cane

Head talks of boys who are “wreckers”

COMPLAINT that “the dignity that should attach to the headmaster is rapidly being ground out by the indignities put upon him by things that have nothing to do with teaching” was made at the conference of the National Association of Head Teachers at Southport.

“It is the children who are suffering,” said a delegate. “The head teacher is like a Christian, who bears a burden and that burden is getting heavier. No wonder the Slough of Despond looks him in the face.”

Mr A.F. Humble, of Lincoln, said that whenever he caned a boy it upset him so much that his wife could always tell as soon as he got home.

Referring to corporal punishment, he declared: “I loathe it,” but added: “I have tried psychology and every method my imagination can suggest to deal with some children. In the long run I had to go back to physical force — but I hate it.”