Speak up!

School CP – September 1952

Pic (tabloid magazine), New York, September 1952

E.A. Wildman pretends to cane US stenographer

Eric A. Wildman, demonstrating his wares at the expense of a stenographer, is an Englishman who manufactures and sells “persuaders”, chiefly to schoolmasters. As president of the National Society for the Retention of Corporal Punishment, in London, Mr. Wildman recently visited New York to display his birch rods and canes, no fooling which cost from 14c to $1, and are used for exactly what you think.

As a father himself, Mr. Wildman believes in making every effort first to remonstrate with the misbehaving child. If that fails, apply the cane, girls and boys alike. “The girl who is allowed to stray from the paths of virtue and who earns for herself the label of delinquent has a far more strenuous battle in re-establishing herself than the boy,” he says.

However, he thinks whipping should stop at 18. (The age PIC advocates for being legal.) If she’s your wife? No, wife-beating is not permitted in most states.