Resign call as Anderton urges flogging

By Stanley Goldsmith
Northern Staff

CALLS FOR the resignation of Mr James Anderton, Greater Manchester’s outspoken Chief Constable, were renewed yesterday after he was quoted as saying that some criminals should be “flogged until they begged for mercy.”

cuttingHe had deliberately and completely flouted an agreement reached between himself, the Home Office and the Greater Manchester Police Authority, claimed Mr Stephen Murphy, the authority’s chairman.

This had been made after Mr Anderton had been rebuked for a controversial speech on Aids, and had agreed to consult the chairman before making any further public statements.

“This he has not done, and I am very angry,” said Mr Murphy, who accused the chief constable of using his uniform to gain mass publicity for his personal views.

Anger ignored

But Mr Murphy’s anger fell on stony ground. Mr Anderton has issued no statement and will not be giving any interviews.

In Woman’s Own magazine, he said he had considered the Home Office advice “and then carried on as I always have and always will.”

He was quoted as saying criminals should be flogged until they begged for mercy, and that he would do [sic] be prepared to thrash some of them himself.

Homosexual activity should be made criminal, he added.

Joining in the howls of outrage, Mr Alf Morris, Labour MP for Manchester Wythenshawe, said even Captain Bligh would have drawn the line at such barbaric punishments.

Mr David Young, Labour MP for Bolton South East, added: “One must be worried about people who, but for the grace of God, would be God.”