Obscene books to be destroyed


School CP – October 1953



The Times, London, 27 October 1953

Obscene books to be destroyed

ERIC ARTHUR WILDMAN, a publisher, appeared at Old Street Magistrates’ Court yesterday to show cause why publications and articles seized by the police last January and March on warrants granted under the Obscene Publications Act of 1857 should not be destroyed. Originally heard in April, the summonses were adjourned pending the outcome of other proceedings against Wildman who, at the Central Criminal Court in May, was fined £500 for publishing obscene writings.

Wildman, in evidence yesterday, said that he disclaimed all the documents with the exception of those listed separately and agreed to their destruction. He would “say they are obscene if it will help.” The Magistrate (Mr. L. Marks) made an order for the destruction of publications and papers, photographs, paintings and drawings, and a sound recording tape.