No action on teacher in cane row

By Laurie Bullas

POLICE are to take no action against a Tameside teacher alleged by a mother to have caned her son with excessive force.

The mother complained to the police and the borough education authority after the boy was punished for what she regarded as a trivial offence at his comprehensive school.

Now the report of an internal investigation completed by the Tameside authority will be considered to see whether any disciplinary action is needed.

Coun Glyn Ford, chairman of the borough education committee, said today: “Now we have the police decision we shall have to look at the report, which I have not so far seen.

“The report on the circumstances which led to the complaint will almost certainly be considered at the next meeting of the school governors.”

Tameside last year decided to ban corporal punishment and it is now being phased out in comprehensive schools and replaced by other methods of discipline.

The 12-year-old boy involved in the complaint was caned after he turned up for an after-school detention on the wrong day.

In a written complaint to the education authority, his mother alleged that he was badly bruised on the buttocks and thigh from a blow with a non-standard cane.