Masters are not to cane schoolgirls

School CP – September 1954

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Daily Mail, London, 9 September 1954, p.3

Masters are not to cane schoolgirls

New rules on punishment

By Daily Mail Reporter

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NEW regulations on corporal punishment in Somerset schools, passed yesterday by the County Education Committee, ban the caning of girls by men teachers, and all forms of punishment that may injure a child.

The committee stated that they did not consider caning as an appropriate form of punishment for girls, but decided to allow it in “extreme cases.”

The new regulations also forbid the caning of a child in the presence of other children, and boxing the ears and striking with a ruler.

Corporal punishment in any Somerset school must be administered only as a last resort.

Whenever corporal punishment is given teachers are ordered to make a dated entry in the punishment: book, stating the offence and the punishment.