Daily Mail, London, 3 August 1903, p.4


To the Editor of the “Daily Mail.”

Sir, – I am glad you have allowed the subject of “lines” to be ventilated in your columns. They are utterly useless as punishments, and only induce bad writing, which is a very usual fault with boys from a public school.

After my appointment as headmaster I abolished all “lines,” and have done without them for seven years. Something to be learnt by heart is far better and strengthens the boy’s memory.

I wish you would add your protest to that of the “Lancet” against the brutal punishment of caning on the hands, a most dangerous habit. As the “Lancet” remarks, the cane is a bad substitute for the birch, but if it is used, should be used only on the same part of the body, and is then less likely to be hastily resorted to.

E. E. H.