‘Flog them’ man loses his canes

School CP – July 1954


Empire News, Manchester, 11 July 1954

‘Flog them’ man loses his canes

POLICE have again raided the premises of 32-year-old Eric Wildman, the advocate of caning and flogging for boys and girls.

Mr. Wildman was fined £500, with the alternative of 12 months’ imprisonment, at the Old Bailey last year for publishing obscene libels. He describes himself as “President of the National Society for the Retention of Corporal Punishment.”

There is a “To Let” sign outside his office in City-road, London, today.

He told me: “I have no statement to make, but you can form your own conclusions.

“My whole stock-in-trade has gone and you can see for yourself that ‘the boards are up.’

“I do not want to say when the police confiscated my stock, or why, as I consider the whole matter sub judice.”

After his conviction, Mr. Wildman continued to supply canes to many organisations, including several public schools.