Fettes boys ‘dropped in for a beer’

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Three boys from Fettes College, Edinburgh, were fined a total of £15 at the District Court today.

Russell Young (17), Ian MacConachie (18) and Christopher Cope (17), of the School House, Fettes College, Carrington Road, Edinburgh, admitted drinking alcohol while under the age of 18.

The depute prosecutor-fiscal, Mr Gordon Scott, said the offence took place on October 23 in Le Bistro Restaurant, 23-26 William Street, Edinburgh, where the boys were drinking beer.

An agent said: “This was not hard drinking and I am sure it will not happen again. The boys have been disciplined by their school.”

Justice Graeme Menzies fined them £5 each.

The headmaster of Fettes College, Mr Anthony Chenevix-Trench, said the boys had been disciplined.

“They were on leave up town when they dropped in for a beer in a pub and they were caught,” he said. “They should not have done it, and we have to keep up standards, so naturally they have been disciplined. They have just been naughty boys.”


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Daily Record, Glasgow, 25 February 1977

A ‘naughty lad’ caned for drinking

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A BOY has been caned at one of Scotland’s top schools … for under-age drinking.

The caning took place at exclusive Fettes College, Edinburgh, the night before 17-year-old Russell Young was fined £5 at the district court.

Two other teenagers from the £600-a-term school, Ian MacConachie, now 18, and Christopher Cope, now 17, were also fined five pounds at the same court when they admitted drinking beer.

Both were told by headmaster Mr Anthony Chenevix-Trench, who came to Fettes from Eton, that they would not be allowed to leave the school grounds for a time.

“‘They have simply been naughty,” said Mr Chenevix-Trench, “but they should not have been drinking.”