Canings at road row school

TWO Patchway High School boys have been caned for defying the headmaster’s “life-or-death” ban on crossing the busy A38 outside the school where a girl was killed.

Mr Peter Isaac ordered pupils to use the underpass after Jackie Beard (12) was killed on her way home from school last Friday.

Two fourth-year boys were seen crossing the road during their dinner-hour by a member of staff.

“I felt that because of the immediate defiance of my instruction the disciplinary action in this case should be the cane,” said Mr Isaac.

“I hope this will not be necessary again, but I will be taking disciplinary measures if necessary in future.”

He said it would not automatically be a caning.

“There is enough public feeling in the area to give weight to the instruction I have given. Hopefully this will be a deterrent,” he said.

Patchway Parish Council have arranged a public meeting at the school on July 14 (7 p.m.) in their campaign for footbridge.

The parish council are also urging Transport Under-Secretary Mr John Horam to meet a deputation in Bristol or in London.

Avon’s Planning and Highways Committee chairman, Cllr William Mather Bell has written to Mr Horam urging him to reconsider his Department’s rejection of the pleas for a bridge.