Cane here and sign the book

School CP – July 1950

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Daily Mail, London, 10 July 1950, p.5

Cane here and sign the book

By Daily Mail Reporter

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TEACHERS in Middlesex may soon have to refer to “caning laws” before they make young Johnny bend over.

The County Education Committee will be asked today to adopt a compulsory ten-point correction code telling which parts of the child can be hit and whether to use a cane or an open hand slap.

Corporal punishment must be inflicted only by headmasters, headmistresses and specially authorised teachers.

Boys can be caned on the hands or buttocks. Girls should be given corporal punishment only in exceptional circumstances, and on the hands only.

Punishments banned include boxing the ears, rapping knuckles and “any forms of correction likely to affect adversely mental or physical development.”

If the code is adopted a Punishment book will be kept in each school. Every caning will be logged with the names of the punisher and the child.