17 boys caned for seeing Cup tie

School CP – January 1951

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Daily Express, London, 12 January 1951, p.1

17 boys caned for seeing Cup tie

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SEVENTEEN boys were caned yesterday because they played truant to watch the Cup tie between Chelsea and their home team at Rochdale. And a parent said he would protest to the education committee.

Two-on-each-hand was the punishment for the boys, aged 12 to 14. It was given by Mr. N.A. Lewis, principal of Rochdale Technical School.

The father of one boy gave his objections last night:–

“The boys paid 3s. or more for tickets for the game when it was planned for last Saturday. But it was switched to Tuesday — the day after school restarted.

“And 3s is a lot for a boy to lose.

“Boys at other schools were told that if they had bought tickets they could go to the match.”

Mr. Lewis said: “I hate doling out corporal punishment, but I warned these boys not to go.

“All but one accepted their punishment. The other boy I shall see again.”

Last night most boys in Rochdale — caned or uncaned — were still smarting. Their team was beaten 3-2.