Young Men’s Crimes

Record On Robbery With Violence

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Sentence of three years’ penal servitude was passed at the Central Criminal Court yesterday on ALBERT WATSON, 23, a labourer, who was found Guilty of robbing with violence Mr. Nathan Ducker, assistant manager of the Standard Cinema, Hackney, and stealing from him an attaché-case containing £9 17s. ALFRED RITA, 19, cabinet maker’s improver, was found Guilty on the same charge, and he was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment, and was ordered to receive 15 strokes with the birch.

Mr. Ellison prosecuted; Miss Helena Normanton defended Watson. Rita was undefended. The prisoners pleaded “Not Guilty.”

Evidence was given that Mr. Ducker was attacked near his home in St. Mark’s Street, Aldgate, by Watson, who rode on the pillion seat of a motor-cycle driven by Rita. Mr. Ducker was struck on the back of the neck with a hard piece of rubber and was rendered partially unconscious. He was then robbed of an attaché-case containing £9 17s.

Addressing Watson, the RECORDER (Sir Emest Wild, K.C.) said he regretted he could not order him a flogging, but he had a report from the prison doctor stating that he was unfit to receive such punishment. The tragedy of this class of offence, which was known in America as “hold-ups,” was that, they were almost universally perpetrated by young people between the ages of 18 and 26, who, lawless and regardless of other people’s feelings and the decencies of life, committed these robberies in order to satisfy their own cupidity.